Apr. 30th, 2009

So Done

Apr. 30th, 2009 02:45 pm
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so the same dealer who couldn't call me to check and make sure I was showing up last week, who gave away my loaner with no notice?

Whom I called on Friday to cancel, and got the runaround from the receptionist and never actually talked to the service people?

JUST CALLED - to make sure I did indeed cancel my appointment because I have a LOANER and they might need it.

Did I SAY they were going to call? At least they called before to check, instead of after to bitch me out.

All of this could have been solved LAST WEEK with a phone call then. But buhbye their $700+ I'm keeping it, and my car is a happy camper right now. And with them calling me at all on this - I think they've lost my business anyway.

There are two other dealers, one of whom is the one I bought the car from, add to that the guys down the street who did the oil change and the guys who did my battery - and I think I'm set.

I know this is a big deal out of something small, but it's the little things. I'm a good customer, I don't expect to get treated like an ass, so when you do, I don't need you.
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about watching tonight's anime selection

Death Note L: Change the World (live action, Yes I know, bear with me)

Is the extras attached and seeing the voice actor playing L:

Alessandro Juliani - IE Lieutenant Felix Gaeta.

I couldn't resist a "Gaeta? Didn't we shoot your ass?" which prompted some giggling from the kiddies and an exclamation of "NERD!" from faithless companion [livejournal.com profile] dredpiratebunny

BUT - and if you've seen Death Note this makes more sense - seeing him acting out some of L's mannerisms - PRICELESS! And when he's not a death dealing, traitorous stupid wanker, he's pretty fucking CUTE!

Yeah, I'm keeping an eye on this guy, and finding out which other voices he's done. I'm behind the 8 Ball, sure.

(ETA JESUS FUCK - He voiced GAMBIT in XMen: Evolution! *is dead from cute*)


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