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I need to have a course in Wire Gages. Like ring gauges and thickness, and working with wire. Preferably if you have and work with smaller gauges, and not all chain maile. More like jewelry, or small small chain maile jewelry, like handflowers made from the non armor sizes. I DO know I'm talking about 22 gauge and numerically higher, through 32 gauge. Preferably in jewelry materials, but I'll take anything I can get.

I'd like to handle things, look at what you have, and how you use it. YES this is for my own projects, but I'm confused, and am looking to pick someone's brain. Having the actual verbal instruction would be helpful as well as having the visual and tactile sensations.

I don't expect this for free. I DO do bookkeeping and taxes, and am willing to teach you about what _I_ know in payment for your knowledge. I can trade in my work if you'd rather let me do some things for you.

(I am also open to other projects, if you're setting up a business and want to know how to handle your recordkeeping I can help you with that.)

I'm leaving this public - feel free to pass this on, point your friends list to this if you know someone who could help me out, or could use my help.

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I'd do a poll but I think this is more complicated than a poll!

A bouncer at a local bar helpfully pointed out my driver's license was expiring on my next birthday (Brits - that's how it works in this state, it's every 5 or 10 years (I think) from birthday to birthday) and that they don't send out reminders anymore. The State doesn't remind anyone. It's the way they make money when you get pulled over and UH OH something has expired, that's a fuckload of money as a fine, please!

There is also the fact that the photo on the license is about 10 years old too. I'm pretty sure this time they will force me to take another (last time they let me keep the old photo. I believe that is also something the are enforcing now)

SO - that said - WTF do I do with my hair?? Right now it's longer than it has been in a while, and I'm tying it all up. In addition my last black dye job was quite a bit ago. The photos will be color.


- leave it as is, totally, and potentially NOT look like my photo soon afterwards?
- because I REALLY want to cut it all off, into my short bob, do I do that BEFORE the photo?
- do I cut it into the forward bob I like (A La Posh Spice but shorter)
- a different short haircut altogether? (Seriously I'm open to suggestions)

THAT said, cut or not to cut, what do I do about the color?

- Leave it the mouse brown with the grey hairs. It's natural, and I do look like this once in a while.
- dye it jet black, which is what I normally have it, and will potentially be the likely color for any id needed events
- go with the urge to dye it RED for the summer, which I JUST bought the dye for last night. Go with this BEFORE the pic, so I have red hair in the pic.

I'm thinking I"m going to get it cut, into a short bob, and not redye it until after the photo, and then do it red. It depends on money, which is why things have been growing out. But I'm HOT AS HELL and sick of the headaches from tying stuff back!

So gimme some opinions!

ETA - THE POINT IT IS MOOT! I went to look at prices and saw I could renew online. I went through the whole thing and the DMV let me renew online. So I guess I can keep the old piccie after all. Now I will have brand new ID before it expires. And I can DYE MY HAIR RED THIS WEEKEND! I might skip the cutting right now because I just SPENT IT on the renewal. Grrrrr.
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This is the box of mostly Fantasy I'm getting rid of. After a "Actually, I might be interested!" last night, I'm getting the list up. First come first serve. The First few trilogies of the Mercedes Lackey Valdemar Series are claimed, but I put everything on the list in case there's interest, and I can potentially pass them around.

Under the cut are mostly:
Forgotten Realms books (the Alias/Finder's Stone stuff is in here, I liked that series!)
Including all my Dark Elf, I decided to get these electronically instead of keeping them
the remaining Dragonlance stuff
some of the Ravenloft stuff, although the "good" ones have been claimed (Including Soth's book)
Various fantasy series, including Valdemar
A few mythology and humor items.

If you'd like the list in a better form I can email an Excel spreadsheet. Yes I'm a dork.

ETA - never mind the list is a mess when posted. Here's the Link to my Google Doc

ETA the second - I'm going to be at the Steampunk thing in Waltham tomorrow, so if you holler for books NOW, and you're there, you can have them tomorrow. My house will thank you and hey, BOOKS!

list under the cut )

In case

Apr. 26th, 2010 03:32 pm
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Items I have on Craiglist. Hey, you never know!

Bedroom Set

Side Tables

Ikea Chair Arms

More interested in getting them gone to a good home than the money.
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Does anyone have a need for a plastic set of drawers? They're more suited for a work or project room or a garage. They're maybe about 2 or 3 feet tall, and wide, are red and white, and Rubbermaid like plastic. I used to keep all manner of things in them, but now they've stood empty for a while. They'll survive being cold, and also any additional basement wetness. :) Potential home for minis, or tools, or whatever.

I can take a proper measure and a pic if it helps. Poke me here if you have a need for something like this. If I don't get any takers it's going to the thrift store. This isn't loitering.

Maybe more later, I need to work on getting rid of the bedroom set today. it's in the way of further progress.
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feels like I just got rid of books! I have more books!

A list is forthcoming, and [livejournal.com profile] le2pold gets first call on the SciFi but I have the following series to be gone through:

- Heralds of Valdemar/Mercedes Lackey Fairies stuff
- STILL with the Laurell Hamilton hardcovers, mostly later Anita Blake, but some Fairies
- Forgotten Realms books
- SOME of the Dark Elf/Drizz't Do'Urden books. I want to reread, but might just get them on my Ebook and sell the others.
- Chronicles of Krynn/Dragonlance books.
- A few Anne Rice books I kept in the first wave, that are now going. Lestat books.

There is a chance I might choose to get rid of Twilight books and Harry Potter American hardcover releases, but more than likely they are staying. Make me an offer if you have a need.

Eventually I will make my way to comics, to D&D stuff and to random books floating around. All the Star Wars stuff is gone. Also soon will be DVDs.

One big thing - my early 80's copies of the Narnia books - I was keeping them for posterity/my niece, but I seem to be missing two. I'm going to take this as an opportunity to let them go as well. If you're missing one or more and want the set, poke me. (Don't lie - if you had and loved them YOU HAVE THEM. I've already seen one exact set of what I have, kept in the same kind of reverent condition. I have no idea where the missing two are and I'm PISSED. I'm sure my sister ate it or something.)

Please pass this on. If anyone lost anything in the recent floods I'm happy to help them fill back in their collections. I'm making this a public post, so feel free to comment/forward.
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I'm looking for a new surge protector that will let me shut off plugs individually. (IE shut off the vampires, but not my clock radio. I have a potential work around on this but I figured I'd ask)

Thoughts, recommendations? I know there were some good ones that you guys are using, but I can't for the life of me remember any details.

I'm looking to control the energy vampires, it's not going to do TOO Much good but as long as I'm in the market to replace something broken (got water in it. Am scared) might as well get one that does this too.



Jan. 12th, 2010 02:34 pm
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sometimes websites are not helpful

Does anyone in the Cambridge (US! not UK!) area know if Microcenter has a recycling spot for toner cartridges? In fact ANY suggestion that you know for sure I can just drop the damn thing and walk would be helpful. Any recycling program in a store?

I bought my last cart from them, recycled and refirbed, and I need to get rid of the old one. I'd RATHER take it to them, as their price was hella lower than anyone elses and I'd be going back there for another new/used one. But can't seem to find any info for sure one way or another.

Maybe I should just take it to a local place that has sprung up that deals ONLY with printer carts, except I'm not prepared to buy a new one right now and just want to drop this off for recycling.

(This is my tiny laser printer that I bought for $30 off Craiglist. The new/used cart was over $50. Yes I realize I could have bought a new printer. I LIKE my printer, so the new/used cart is worth it. But I'm not ready to spring for a new/used cart yet. $50!)
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and pass it on

If for some reason you don't have the following in your collection, and you want them, I have for give away:

SW:Episode One - The Visual Dictionary

SW: Episode One - Queen Amidala Paper Doll Book - a little bend in the cover, otherwise very very good condition.

All you have to do is come and get em, or provide a convient way of me getting them to you. Feel free to pass this on. I know it's a long shot, since these seem to be numerous in the wild. But free is good!
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Whoa. I feel like I'm getting a late Xmas present from BBCA

New Year's Eve/Day (whichever you see it as) at Midnight, BBCA is showing The Christmas Invasion, that's season "2" First full Tennant episode. The Christmas Special from several years ago.

Then they play in order, uninterrupted except the ever present commercials, all the Tennant Whos through seasons 2, 3 and 4 (except oddly Voyage of the Damned, which isn't completely necessary although it does introduce Donna's grandfather) and the Specials from last and this year up to and including The End Of Time parts 1 and 2.

That's David's entire run. In order. I might not sleep, I mean I have them but it would be NICE to sit and see them!

Waters of Mars tonight. The End of Time part 1 next week.
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It's going to be like David Tennant threw up all over BBC America!

I just checked the schedule for tonight, starting around 5:30:

- The Next Doctor
- The Planet of the Dead
- a David Tennant Who Special
- The Waters of Mars
- another look at David Tennant as the Doctor
- Graham Norton show with - David Tennant

So I know what I'm doing pretty much ALL NIGHT now! I need to move my computer things to the living room so I can keep working on stuff. Anyone looking for a place to hunker down and watch BBA through the ZOMG SNOW, poke me, I'll even clean the couch off for you!

Book Habits

Dec. 2nd, 2009 02:06 pm
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it's finally dawning on me, after a big FAIL at a book list and some quick research on selling books on Amazon/Half.com, that it's just not feasible to put the effort in to sell my book collection. It's stressing me out, the shipping will make me crazy, and at a potential sale price of a penny each - might net me $100. Maybe. Which is depressing.

If you're into romance novels, or you have a friend who is, get in touch with me, either via email or comment here. I'm happy to have you over, to look through everything, take what you want. Heck I even have plastic bags for you.

Anything that doesn't go in say a week, maybe two, I'm going to schedule a collection from one of the local charities. In fact, if you have books you don't want, leave em, I'll have them taken too.

Let me know if this interests anyone. I also have a box, maybe two of Sci Fi, a few Star Wars, more Star Trek and Forgotten Realms/Dragonlance stuff that I'm going to hold out, see if one of the local bookstores will give me credit or cash for. But I'm open to giving these to someone who wants them - if you know a collector this might be a great opportunity to get things out of print.

It's just weighing me down. And Enough is Enough. So tell your friends - free books!


Nov. 13th, 2009 12:03 pm
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I wish I'd worked harder to see Le Cage in London:

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the Doctor's (Edited - FIRST) appearance on the Adventures of Sarah Jane is Thursday evening.

You know, in case one wanted to "acquire " it.

Also - someone should add this to his schedule list, since I will conveniently be available to watch it. :)

it's a 2fer, so be prepared for a cliffhanger and a Next time....


Oct. 21st, 2009 11:10 am
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First, I have suddenly become busy. This is not how I've been for weeks, and it's throwing me for a loop.

Then, 6 days! *squeee* Need to get my paperwork and shit together.

And, my *crank* is all about how technology around me has begun to be a big FAIL I had issues with my EReader and software, fixed now I hope, and the Ipod and ITunes, not fixed but I get to recreate my playlists AGAIN *NOT joy* and now my cell is causing fail.

I mean the first fail is mine - after all I'M the one who dropped the damn thing a while ago and bent the charger prong. So when I dropped it again, and it stopped charging, it's really my own. But I have NO IDEA why my second bluetooth earpiece that I had suddenly stopped working. The first I LIKE but it fits on my ear awkwardly, and wasn't conductive to using. This other one matches a RAZR I had that I finally got rid of via Craigslist (IE it's pink) but yesterday decided to connect, but not play in my ear. I have no idea why, and I have less interest in scouring the Internet to find out. I'll just get a new one, but not right now. I just LIKE the earpiece. It's been better for my phone-calling-ness.

and now that I think of it, this is the TIRD earpiece that has been made of FAIL in 6 months. The first was wired, that just stopped working. Second was not good for use, third has failed. Maybe my issue is that I've run out of options stored in my house and I need to buy one. *grumble*

I'm waiting on dealing with it, because of the one thing that HAS been great - my replacement power cord. I didn't want to buy it brand new, so I found one on Ebay. For 97 cents, on sale, with free shipping. Instead of $35. *boggle* It's exactly like the one I broke. So I'm thinking when I get back I'll order an earpiece form the same company, to make sure there's enough time to ship. The free shipping was supposed to take two weeks - I had it in 5 days that included a weekend. I need to give them awesome feedback, shortly.

Anyway, didn't I say I was busy? Some stuff needs to get done.
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something is going on, I think in the apartment directly above me. I keep hearing loud banging, and the occasional tapping. Almost to the extent that it sounds like someone knocking on my door. Or bowling. Badly.

I mention this not because it's bothering me, because it's not, but because I'm absolutely certain the douchebag downstairs is vibrating, practically having a stoke, but unable to do a thing about it, thanks to his track record, his previous aggressive actions and their consequences, and, not least of all, his criminal record that makes any aggressive behavior a potential jail worthy activity. And we all know about his record, so SOP is call cops first, ask questions later.

I find some sort of weird satisfaction in this. Reason and logic win the day, eventually.

(Plus he's a total asshat and I enjoy his pain. Welcome Karma, have a seat over there.)
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Does anyone have a two wheeler hand truck I could potentially borrow for Friday?

The portable washer needs to go, and while it will be lighter than the recycling boxes I lugged, it's potentially dirtier, and it will take both myself and M to lug it. (OK it'll take M but I don't want him to have to do that)
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This one is a FAKEOUT!

Subject: Is It Time to Move On?
(so here I'm thinking "Are they telling me to be the dumpER? That's harsh, they don't even know M!")
(oh but it gets better)

Can't stop thinking about him? Wishing you were together? Get insights into what he's thinking with a psychic reading. and find out if you two will be together again.

(AHHHHH - I get it, I've BEEN dumped and I am looking for hope. First I believe this email is going to the wrong person, have you met E? *snerk* and second I don't recall breaking up. Unless there's something you want to tell me, M?)

Seriously, this is pretty awful, given I know someone in this circumstance who will pay good money to be told she should just hang in there, until doomsday, because he WILL be back. (He won't. I'm sorry, but no.)


Oct. 9th, 2009 07:51 pm
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Milk crates are gone! Nice Freecycle couple came and took them all away in their dirty glory. I did a bit of sweeping, and looked about the living room. I would like to vac one more time before I put any clean clothes down for pictures, and with evil stupid downstairs neighbors, I won't do that until tomorrow. There are rules about "noise" after certain times, and we're getting close to, despite it being Friday. It can wait, I'm just as motivated to get it done tomorrow.

I think I will sit back and watch some stuff from the DVR til I get sleepy, I also have just realized that thanks to a massive pizza last night I haven't been hungry all day, and my stomach is making itself known now. I see tuna on whole wheat sammiches and maybe some tea in my future!

I might shower first tho, I'm very dirty. In a bad way, the kind after moving 20 dirty milk crates, not the good kind, where there would be someone naked and on fire.
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I'm going to start detailing the Subjects of the emails I get from them wanting me to buy more services. They send me a free daily horoscope, and one weekly which I find fun. But these emails are annoying me. So I'm going to start posting them here.

Is It Time to Move On?


Still clinging to a relationship that's over? Sometimes it seems you can't let go of someone, no matter how hard you try. Find out what he's really thinking -- and if you should wait for him or move on -- with a free psychic love reading. New customers, choose your special offer: (freebies nonsense removed)

Now - after you've seen a few of these you'll know why I'm getting paranoid - does this company ACTUALLY KNOW SOMETHING???? Usually I get "Is He Coming Back?" or "Are You Sure He Is Your Soulmate?" WTF horoscope company????

(The reality is I do not have to worry about anything, and the SWBF thinks this is hysterical, as it makes his disbelief in this even more firm. I've said I shall bring my Tarot cards along next time and we'll see. *lol*)
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