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I guess I didn't post it loud enough. *grins*
[livejournal.com profile] dredpiratebunny and I left Wednesday for a sojurn to the promised land. Things have been a bit tired and hectic, and this is my first opportunity to email ro LJ. Mock me not, for this is the land of do whatever you want, and right now, since I feel I woke up WAY TOO EARLY, I'm taking the time to get caught up. I'm also keeping an eye on a work situation, so I'm not a total goofoff.

So beneath the cuts are some of the stories I can share. After all, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. *evil grin*

Wednesday day )

Wednesday night )

I think last night deserves it's own post. I really want to take a shower and there's some organization that needs to happen. I'm taking it easy today, we're doing the pool I think. We're hoping to see Bite tonight, a vampire theme show, in addition to the local goth night.

I will say last night I saw Cirque du Soliel's Ka and I am in love. With the show, with the bad boy lead *swoons* and the lion maned supporting character, BOTH of which flirted and waved from the stage at teh Hotness that is R and I.

Oh and by the way - those of you that remember my birthday at ManRay - THAT kind of drinking is happening. SO having a great time!

More later.......
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In honor of feeling like the noose is no longer hanging around my neck (moved to just above my head) I've decided to apply some of the spare mental energy to (dum DE dum DUM!) formalizing and solidifying my travel plans!

I will state, for the record, that there are certain debts that WILL be handled before ANY travel purchase is made. Period. If it's not handled I can't go. It is on schedule to be, soon.

Thar be PLANES and TRAINS under here, yar! )

I'm also planning on attending the FABULOUS Black Sun Festival, later in the summer. You should ALL plan on doing so as well!


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