Jun. 3rd, 2009

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Math is indeed HARD!

I've been not waking up with my alarms recently, I rolled it back some and it's not really taking. I need to disengage from the computer in the AM, seriously, and just get my day over with in a reasonable time so I can check e-mail and stuff in the PM. I hate to have to do this but clearly it's an issue.

But today I've taken off in order to deal with an evening client impacted by the fact that I have NIN/JA tickets for tonight. (Insert Squee here. After seeing them in Atlanta I'm really looking forward to tonight's set. I'm hoping alternately for my favs from the Atlanta set, along with some stuff he should have played. There's always hope to hear Ringfinger. It's a silly hope but it's there.) So I went to bed/sleep about the time that's become usual for me - 0130. I woke up pretty much at 0930 - 8 hours.

Now THAT explains some things, why I'm sleeping through my alarms and waking up at 9:30 - the whole I need 8 hours thing.

That doesn't explain me rolling over and going back to sleep for an hour. *sighs*

But very clearly I need to get to bed earlier. Which blows because I like staying up. but the fact is I get lethargic in the evenings after a certain time and I'm better off getting home with oomph to spare to get some things done around here then settling down for dinner. I really want to start eating before it's super late, that just keeps me up longer.

I also managed to forget my phone yesterday, so I need to check on if my client will be ready for me early. I will call, then clean up the kitchen, then shower and get gone.

That's not happening sitting here!


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