Dec. 19th, 2009

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It's going to be like David Tennant threw up all over BBC America!

I just checked the schedule for tonight, starting around 5:30:

- The Next Doctor
- The Planet of the Dead
- a David Tennant Who Special
- The Waters of Mars
- another look at David Tennant as the Doctor
- Graham Norton show with - David Tennant

So I know what I'm doing pretty much ALL NIGHT now! I need to move my computer things to the living room so I can keep working on stuff. Anyone looking for a place to hunker down and watch BBA through the ZOMG SNOW, poke me, I'll even clean the couch off for you!
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Whoa. I feel like I'm getting a late Xmas present from BBCA

New Year's Eve/Day (whichever you see it as) at Midnight, BBCA is showing The Christmas Invasion, that's season "2" First full Tennant episode. The Christmas Special from several years ago.

Then they play in order, uninterrupted except the ever present commercials, all the Tennant Whos through seasons 2, 3 and 4 (except oddly Voyage of the Damned, which isn't completely necessary although it does introduce Donna's grandfather) and the Specials from last and this year up to and including The End Of Time parts 1 and 2.

That's David's entire run. In order. I might not sleep, I mean I have them but it would be NICE to sit and see them!

Waters of Mars tonight. The End of Time part 1 next week.


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