Aug. 8th, 2009

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- I Have to much stuff. My audio/video tapes, trash CDs and old diskettes WAY overfill the box I bought. And I'm hyper vigilant about weight on this box, the overcharge is $50. I also have another box that I pulled some of the tapes out of the big box to fix the space/weight issues. Next up, somehow getting it to the post office. Oi.

- Bought myself a Sony EReader, of COURSE the week before the new versions were announced. The newest touch version is in the price range of what I paid for the not new, last model one. I got a charger which doesn't appear to come with the new ones, and I got it before the sales tax went up. Also, it ROCKS MY TINY WORLD. I don't know how I got along without it. Carrying around 50 books in a slim little case, YES PLEASE! I've now spent way too much time learning the software to organize it, and fixing any mistakes I made. I've also discovered some issues that take away form my reading pleasure that will take some time to fix. But first I'm going to read a new book!

- have very little urge to do ANYTHING involving Ebay and selling stuff but I need to. Belt tightening will happen to the EXTREME if I don't do something to avert it, soonish rather than laterish. This is more a stopgap, I certainly can't make living wage selling my crap. But I can make a dent and buy myself some time.

- regarding work, I think I see which direction I should go into. I don't like it because it'll take some work, but on the other hand it might be just the ticket.

I think I need to eat something, more later.

ETA - OH nice. The asshats downstairs, whom I've heard some JUICY gossip about = that if they DO NOT stop their shit they will be asked to leave the building. because they complain excessively and incessantly, have stopped M on his way out the door to complain about "the Constant Noise" that needs to stop. M has been away all week, and I have been either working, or lying on my bed. Today I was working with the heavy boxes and they fell over in the kitchen. Since it is 5PM on a weekend, and it was ONCE, that doesn't constitute the "constant after hours noise" they just cornered M about. I'm VERY VERY tempted to go knock on that door, and let them have it but _I_ am better than that. Their passive aggression can shove it. PLUS I don't want to tell them I know they've been threatened with being kicked out. And I WOULD spill that. The boxes were loud, but I'm KINDA CLEANING OUT JUNK! I actually am tempted to go down there and say "You have two choices - shut up or I'll move. And if I move I will make sure my mother rents this apartment to a LARGE Chinese family with 3 kids under 6. Which would you prefer?" (I know how that sounds - however THAT is what lives above me, and they move furniture at 3AM)


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