Apr. 25th, 2009


Apr. 25th, 2009 10:54 am
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I whooped a surprising amount of ass yesterday.

- I wasn't entirely busy all day, but it was a lazy day and I did prep returns that had a lasting effect on the mood into he office. Yeah, I know, don't ask. *lol*

- went to Ikea where I rolled successfully against buying my shelving unit. I just don't know about spending lots of money, and I might not need it. OK maybe I will and maybe it was more "I don't feel like carrying that" *lol* but I did get a LOVELY dinner, which was well needed (Meatball dinner and that lovely lingonberry soda, now with a shot of lemon/lime soda - it DOES cut the over sweetness of it!) and then I had a nice wander on the bottom floor and got a few things, s box for my teabags, a pizza cutter (how did I live without one!) some of that tea I've been meaning to try. It was nice.

- then I went to BJs where the serious damage happened *sheepish grin* BUT I have a lot of food on hand now, and I plan to start controlling my meals more. more salad, with proteins, more grilling chicken when I get home with veggies. I might take the time to measure out the frozens, so I can come home and grab a serving or two and know what I'm getting. Also - they now have some Newman's Own dressings which is MADE OF WIN! His light Balsamic is to DIE for, seriously. But that came with a price tag and I didn't even get everything. Oh well I'll make a trip today to the other one.

- then home to haul it all in, and off to the tire place to drop my car off. M was surprisingly not argumentative about going - I didn't want to walk back alone at 11PM! And I'm glad he was there because there was a weird guy in a weird van doing something REALLY weird when I parked and kept STARING at me. Ew. So car was left, keys were dropped, and the walk happened. It MUST not be as far as I think because we were home very fast. My legs aren't happy tho. And we saw a skittish kitty!

- finally managed to crawl into bed, where I had weird Cirque dreams. I swear I've seen this show (that was in my head) before. It wasn't Kooza (Not like the Trickster is any kind of Hero, seriously. Naughty Monkey!) and I think it had the airship from Ka, but it wasn't Ka. I wonder what my head was trying to do, or maybe it was Alegria fussing. OMG - WHich NOW has it's first date as Providence! We could be seeing it as early as July! *squeee!*

- so despite all my fussing about "do I or don't I" want to go today, my car is clearly not yet ready. I was afraid a call would wake me up so I set an alarm but nothing. (well nothing but a naughty quickie at the end there. *blushes* I can't even say it out loud, and the poor focus of it has a LARGE reputation to live up to now *lol*) So I think I'm at home today, and cleaning should start soon. I don't think the Recycling is open today and I have that scheduled for Wednesday, so maybe I'll start with the bathroom. I popped another button last night so I think I should work on button repair today as well. Maybe make some lists.

Wheee - Atlanta in Two Weeks, NYC in four I think. Must talk to the girls. Might also see about visiting Teh Unit in June while I have the money to pay for a plane ticket (and potentially a Car. *shudder* at being stuck with them for days!) Must find out what's best for them. And when the pool opens. *HA!* Oh hey - I have concert tickets for June, and need to remind myself when Depeche Mode is, as we DON'T have tix and I need the day off to run down there early.
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Car re-aquired. I even got a cute drawing of the underside of my car, and why my steering is feeling wonky but yet is fine. *boggle*

And on the way home I saw THREE separate acts of auto stupidity, although one car was indirectly involved in one, then directly in another. The cake is for the dumb teenager in a too much for her car who insisted on driving on the wrong side of an intersection, to try and get around traffic but ended up forced into a left turn because she did her nonsense in front of a HUGE FUCKING BUS.


My car is now safely in it's space, and I'm really glad I did what I did. Last night there was no traffic, and only one weird guy pulling up his pants in his truck (I SWEAR he was) and the walk home was uneventful and with Kitty. If I'd tried to drop the car off today, well I wouldn't have it til next week! Jeez!

OK It's time to take off my boots, maybe change into a lighter pair of pants and get some cleanin' done. Maybe open the windows. And I need to acquire some Lady Gaga, I have a serious fascination for her right now. Maybe do some research on car audio.


Apr. 25th, 2009 02:31 pm
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I know I'm PostyMcPostPants today. :)

Last night I discovered something at BJs. I was taking a slow walk around, looking at everything trying to get some new ideas for food and prep. While in the Meats section, considering if I should get hot dogs or not (decided against the HUGE pack, and decided if I needed to have them I'd get a smaller pack at the regular store. Same thing with the baked beans. I'm having a craving for the comfort food of my youth - the sodium calorie filled comfort food *snerk*) I found some other meat cuts. Specifically the ends of their deli meats. I knew S&S does this - the cut the meat down to as far as they can go with machine then sell the ends. You can do your own slicing or whatever it is you'd do with an end of meat "ball"

In this case - it's the Buffalo Turkey I've fallen in love with. It's enough kick, when mixed with mustard to make a sandwich spicy. There were a couple of big ends in the mix. I bought a $10 which I've already cut into big chunks, that will be cut into smaller bite sized pieces for my salads I'm trying to add to my eating mix. I SHOULD get at least 10 salads with meat on them from this. An I can go back and get different meats!

I know there's more sodium and whatnot in deli meats, but this way I'm using LESS than I would on a sandwich, kicking up my salad and not eating the bread that goes with it. AND IT"S SO GOOD! What I SHOULD do is measure them out into servings, in big chunks, so I can just cut them up small and fresh when I'm ready for them.

I think I'm going to have another serving of salad sans meats (with cheese!!!) and that should do me til dinner. I need to clean out that fridge too.


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