Apr. 24th, 2009

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So this morning I popped to local tire people who do other stuff, and set up a drop off for tonight, so they can do the work in the EARLY AM tomorrow when I don't want to be awake. Oil change, tire rotation, alignment, check out the battery and my steering, and also the brake and blinker light fluids.

And the guy was nice and flirty and didn't look at me funny when I wanted something done. Just did what I asked, gave me the price up front, and made it convenient and pleasant.

Compared to calling the dealer to cancel my appointment, having service never pick up, telling the desk jockey my message, her "relaying" it verbally to the service person STANDING RIGHT THERE, and saying "YAH. I got it, anything else?" *CLICK*

Well this time I'll bet when I don't "show up" to pick up my loaner they bitch and moan at me about it. Whereas they couldn't have been bothered to call the other day. Asshattery.

Having a nice slow day today, not a lot of pressure or stuffs. Planning on hitting up giant box club for foodstuffs, maybe Ikea for another corner shelving unit, then dropping off the car and walking home. I had planned on returning to the gym today but I think the walkies will suffice. Then tomorrow I can go.

Not sure what this does to tomorrow. I'm considering staying home and cleaning/doing some client stuffs so I can go out on Sunday clear minded. And also do some falling on my face, and pouting because I'm not at Whitby. (Which is this weekend for 1 of 2 this year. Yes I'm going in October, but I'm pouty that LM gets to go have fun and I'M NOT. Plus I wanted a nice long chat and didn't get one. I am MADE OF POUT right now.)

I think my room gets attacked this weekend. I think I'm going through the kids books to go, and maybe posting up the collections I wanted to sell. I think my cousin will get some of the books, but maybe for now I'll just arrange space to KEEP them all with an eye on where they will go should I get some opportunities to move and/or she gets old enough. I should poke her mother with "If she wants to buy Black Stallion books, let me know, she can have mine instead." Until then the Black and Alec can stay with me. :)

I need some lists, seriously. I feel without a net, and I don't like it. I know I have things to do but where to start? Ugh!

More later, I should get to it.


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