Apr. 18th, 2009

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Very Very Very naughty.
I should know better by now and I don't.
I've done so well these last few months.

But it called to me, and I wanted it so much.


I bought a new toy.


(No it's not a vibrator. You can guess tho.......)

Help me

Apr. 18th, 2009 04:11 pm
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Obi-Wan Live Journal - you're my only hope!

So I made a hair appointment for this afternoon, at the cheapo place in the mall where my former stylist of fabulous used to work. Frankly it's convenient, it's not that expensive and it's not staffed by overreaching overpriced jerks. Last time I got a cut I got a younger girl who did just fine, so I made another appointment with her.

I walked in and she brought me to her chair and from behind me I hear "Hi Tia!" and it's my former stylist of doom! She had moved to FLORIDA 2 years ago or I'd never have stopped going to her! Seems that lasted a month, then she was North of the city, and has been back in this store since probably late last year.

So my girl works on my hair and I want it SHORT SHORT. I'm sick of it long. Nothing was going on with it. Limp. Sad. But as she's cutting she's not going short enough and I don't know how to tell her how short. I DO tell her "That's nice, but it's going to be a bob and I want it SHORT in the back, and longer in the front." She said "So should I get the clippers?" I said Yes. She gulps and goes and gets them.

She comes back out - with my former stylist, who has offered to give her pointers. Between her being used to my hair and cuts, and this girl not having much experience with the radical changes I'm doing, she's nervous. K picks up the clippers and RUNS them up the back of my head. The other girl's eyes go WIDE, but I can already tell this tactic is getting me the short back I want.

This whole process takes about an hour, with washing and cutting then REcutting. K came over and did a few more clippings, then checked at the end that it was even.

I have to say - this is one of the best cuts I've ever had. K was always good but this time I feel it's short and spiky and a huge chance without being out of control or too much for the office. Dare I say it's saucy? I Do!

So here's my problem - I like the new girl. she's a bit more hesitant to do things, but will do the cut I want in the shorter style I think I want. K used to talk me out of too short, which was justified but not every time. With the way the economy is, repeat business is a big deal. K didn't let me know she was back, I had to flounder before I was comfy, On the other hand without her today I don't think I'd have the fabulous cut I have now. (I swear everyone in the shop came by to look at it as she was working. She said "We don't usually get someone who wants such a change, and such a short un standard cut. it's fun!")

Do I stay with my new girl, or potentially go back to my old stylist? Either one will do my cut right. Either one could up and leave the shop at any time. I could at least say "if you leave let me know where you go" the only reason I didn't follow K before is Florida is too far to go for a cut *lol* and she never let me know she was back. I'd have driven up North to see her.

Ugh. At least it's not a decision I have to make for 6 or 8 weeks. *lol*


Apr. 18th, 2009 06:58 pm
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Two Hour Saturday Afternoon Nap FTW!


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