Mar. 17th, 2009

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or, that was one expensive cinnamon roll.

I got cinnamon rolls on Saturday, because I wanted some. I REALLY wanted the ones in a tube but I've yet to get the oven looked at (it's not lighting, and I don't have the brane power for it right now. I has the dumb.) so I bought a package at BJs and popped one in. I did it "nekked" and didn't use a foil or tray or anything. And OF COURSE, when I took my eye off it, the icing melted onto the heater elements.

OK no problem, that's happened with cheese before, it's a fucking toaster oven, whatever.


M was toasting bread to make some meats sammiches with some chunky meat sauce I just made for my pasta. He'd already done one, but wanted another. There was occasional smoke coming out from the lack of cleaning of the heating element.

THEN I heard *BLOW* *BLOWBLOWBLOW* and went out to see him with the toaster in both hands (with mitts on) and CHEERY FIRE BLAZING in the center.

He gave me this look that said "You're really THAT STUPID aren't you?"


SO - I've been wanting to replace the toaster oven, because I've never liked it. I actually like the slot toasters for TOAST (and ZOMG DO I EVER want a BSG Toaster Toaster. *snerk*) but we need the over unit for stuff. I kinda like CHEESE on my toast sometimes, or I put a whole sammich in there, to get all warm and crisp. And frozen french bread pizza is perfect. And this time I can get the one that's easier to clean, maybe a nice stainless to match the newer items in the kitchen and hopefully the others will match THAT too someday. Perhaps something that's a bit more than a toaster oven. But I really wasn't planning on that expense right now.

And, I just had the thought, that maybe I should have thrown the roll into the microwave instead, since that's plan B for tonight. Oops.


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