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Feb. 7th, 2009 01:41 pm
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I hate when a website won't let you ban people.

One of my Swaptree trades is a ROYAL BEYATCH. She sent me an email about 1 1/2 weeks in going "Where's my item?" I do some research - hers was one of the items returned to me, because of the insufficient postage, and my lack of time to deal with the situation. Also, I DO NOT HAVE her item either. (ETA - I received her item the day before I remailed the others. Almost 2 weeks, short a Sunday, and one business day. There are times I get books 3 days after the trade. 2 weeks is long, although not the longest I've waited. And me personally - I don't always get to the mailbox the next day. There is part of the problem - I waited a week myself to mail her item. I also mailed about 15 OTHERS so I was a bit busy prepping those too.)

So I do not respond, thinking I would only use 4 letter words, and on Sunday, when I have time to handle it, I write a note to everyone involved. Saying "I'm REALLY sorry, here's what happened, please don't let it happen to you, your item is going out tonight, and please PLEASE let me know if anything goes wrong." Almost EVERYONE responded OMG, no problem, clearly you're going out of your way to fix it, no worries.

THIS one - gives me my first neutral rating. Saying "Took a very long time"

So my email meant nothing, my blood, sweat, gas, money and TEARS meant nothing especially since I'm getting super busy, that I want to KEEP trading, but it's getting too much.

AND SO - I let loose on her in the comments, all 100 characters. I blame the Labels I used, pointed out HER item took two weeks, and she DID NOT send it first class, as you are requested. IN FACT I seem to be the only person who does use first class. All, and I DO MEAN ALL, of the packages I receive are marked Media Mail. Cheaper, yes, slower, yes. Do I really mind? No.

BUT - if you're a complainer mccomplainerpants, DON'T Sit on your Cheapo Ass High Horse!

I use the auto postage thingies at the PO. They're AWESOME, perfect scales, exact postage, puts it all on a credit card, and best of all - NO HUMANS. I don't have any choices like Media Mail, or tracking, but you know, it works for me. I'm willing to pay that little extra for my convenience, and compared to the full price of a book, it's worth it.

And there's another But - but I NEVER EVER EVER want to accidentally trade with this bitch again. Frak her, and the horse she rode in on. So I want the site to exclude her from my potential swaps, but it's not possible.

Now I feel bad for the bad answer, and figure this will start a flame war that will only upset me, but I think I can let it go soon enough. I let the Internet GET TO ME too much, and I Have to remember I'm dealing with humanity here - and it's going to suck. Hehehehe.

OK Seriously - I have stuff to do I need to get to. I think I need to put my account on hold.
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Local "indie" radio station WFNX is having a "Goth Ball" on Fat Tuesday (2/24/09) at Hurricane O'Reilliys.


Is anyone going to this? Should we maybe, oh I don't know, SAY SOMETHING about just slapping the word "goth" on it but having none of the local scene involved??

I think I'll be putting this on Gothic Boston later, if just to encourage some of the locals to go out and freak the place up. _I_ don't think I'm going to go, for the simple facts that it'll be full of YahDudes, and I have to save brain cells for potential werkings, and that's a school night.


(to the non locals, there's no way this will resemble anything close to a goth night. Period.)


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