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Sorry - I've been in a foul mood on and off, then actually having a life. Well once in a while. :)

Right now I'm focusing on bitching about how tonight is going to suck. I'm off to Philly in the AM early with friends, one on the drive and one meeting us there, and I still have to pack, and pack light due to being stuck with carry ons. I have no idea how that's happening :) And I want to do some dishes and clean somewhat. And I'm booked for today. And pull all the info together to print, and make sure cats is herded. Ugh.

I've been lazing about too much, honestly if I don't have plans I'm prone on the couch. I barely cook and that needs to stop - I need to start eating more often which means prepping the stuff, which means it's too bad on me, if I have to clean the kitchen every night then that's what I have to do (and I'm WAY RESENTFUL the stupid kitchen can't stay clean 24 fucking hours.)

I don't know what to do next which is always a problem. I had things in a sort of order in the living room which has not been "acceptable" so everything has moved again. Which means I now have to RE-GO through every box. Great. I REALLY need to order that recycling box so I can do something, at least One Damn Thing.

Anyway I'm using this as a crutch to not do anything at the moment, so we need to go. Hopefully I can post more often.
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