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I need to have a course in Wire Gages. Like ring gauges and thickness, and working with wire. Preferably if you have and work with smaller gauges, and not all chain maile. More like jewelry, or small small chain maile jewelry, like handflowers made from the non armor sizes. I DO know I'm talking about 22 gauge and numerically higher, through 32 gauge. Preferably in jewelry materials, but I'll take anything I can get.

I'd like to handle things, look at what you have, and how you use it. YES this is for my own projects, but I'm confused, and am looking to pick someone's brain. Having the actual verbal instruction would be helpful as well as having the visual and tactile sensations.

I don't expect this for free. I DO do bookkeeping and taxes, and am willing to teach you about what _I_ know in payment for your knowledge. I can trade in my work if you'd rather let me do some things for you.

(I am also open to other projects, if you're setting up a business and want to know how to handle your recordkeeping I can help you with that.)

I'm leaving this public - feel free to pass this on, point your friends list to this if you know someone who could help me out, or could use my help.

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