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another Terabyte of storage and the Ipod to TV cord I've been looking for.

So that means Deadliest Warrior and Twilight for [livejournal.com profile] le2pold when I visit. *LOL*

I do feel dirty, as Target is my preferred store for stuff, with Microcenter being a close second. But I decided I wanted to do it NAO, and the Drive at Target was $20 more and this is the first time outside an Apple store I've seen the cords.

At Walmart. *is dirty* But I did see one of my sister's friends, who looks much better than the last time I saw her who bitched about my sister not answering her calls about visiting. This is not nice of my sister and since her friend was really helpful in finding the stuff I needed (and works exclusively in the electronics department) I'm feeling magnamous and will add my bitching to the arguement. *grins*

Files are being moved as I speak. On the list for hard drive goodness is cleaning out my MILLIONS of Cruxshadows pics, finally getting rid of the crappy ones and paring down the good ones. Also, finding a backup software and starting to run regular backups of my hard drive, especially important with the few bits of client stuff I have and the aging of my laptop. I almost got hosed when my last one went down, and only thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jedi was it recovered. I can't have that happen again.

I have other stuff I'd like to do, frankly I should fire up GoogleDocs and start listing things as I look. But first, fixing my finances for a check not receieved and yesterday's stuff.

ETA - It's also Derby Day! I managed to not be home for the last few, I think I'll be here for this one. Although my personal name favorite, I Want Revenge, was scratched this morning. It's going to be a tough one, last year's winner Big Brown didn't pull the Triple Crown, and then there was poor Barbaro a few years ago. He might have been the last one I saw.


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