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After getting to the office, finding my desk NOT on fire, and things kinda quiet, I'm a bit more able to handle the change. I got some support from an unexpected source (Along with an admonition that she "knows people" and probably could have gotten me excused, had I just SAID something. Of course, thinking that I DID tell Boss-LH several weeks ago that this might come up, and not being prone to spreading my buisness around the office, I wonder where she got the idea I had to tell HER. *hand* whatever.)

I won't have to work 8-12 hour days, and most of my clients have been responsive. We're going to work out what happens with the stipend I get (I'm voting for ME KEEP, as it's not a lot and I intend on working the hours at some point over the month) and just take it one day and one client problem at a time. The nice thing was the reassurance that my coworkers would step up to help, if necessary, from my coworkers, and not just the bosses. There's one thing about a boss saying you'll be covered, and actually having it happen from the front lines.

So it being quiet, I'm going to get some of the work I'd put off done, and see where it goes from there. I'm sure to be here late tonight, but it's OK.

I just didn't like being "required" to work 8 hour days. I think if I work late, I should be comped for it, in an informal manner, as we're all adults here. That if I leave early, or come in late due to whatever issues, that I will make them up, and my clients won't suffer. For too long I've felt "timeclocked" and I'm SO OVER THAT.


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