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- Anyone need plastic milk crates? I have 21 of them a pile on the balcony that I'm going to freecycle unless someone here wants them. There's um, more than a dozen, less than 30, I haven't counted, but will. Speak up if you want em. Just in case someone reads back - milk crates are gone. Freecycle FTW, this time!

- today I took Big Recycling Box to shipper to go out, full of the rest of my video tapes, some audio tapes to fill the gaps and all the old "WTF is this?" computer parts I cleaned out of my computer parts box. I'm SERIOUSLY PLEASED by this.

- What isn't seriously pleasing is the number of audio tapes that remain. There's another box in my future, I think, but I'm officially not dealing with it until after I get back from the UK.

- BY the way - I'm off to the UK for Whitby in a few weeks. Let the Squeeing commence. There also might be some naughtiness with my little pet. But don't tell him tho. He thinks my intentions are pure. They are not. *evil grin*

- also having left the house is three boxes (only half full each) of various recycling items. Paper, plastic, etc, to the local dump. I also confirmed they take appliances, so the portable washer is going to the Kitchen in the Sky before I go. That was weird, because I asked the question for the guys in the booth - directly in front of the pile of appliances. I said "I didn't know if this was a free-for-all appliance pile" and the guys laughed. So not entirely a blonde after all.

- some other goals for today include throwing out a few more items I want gone from the house, my old bed rails for example, a desktop that was left on the balcony and is ruined, ditto for the rug from my storage unit. *sighs* That one was a loss anyway let's face it.

- I'm also HOPEFULLY putting up a quickie display of the big items I'd like to sell. Then when I get back I will be able to mailing list some of them. I just don't have time now to put them up and get things shipped unless it's at my timetable. Maybe I can work on cleaning things up while in the UK - I will have a few days of my own stuff to do.

- Also need to post my books link to the used book lists here. I'd like to send it to the mailing list but can't until next week. Stupid posting rules. That will give people about a week to get orders in. Cutting it close but after that I want the books gone - anything not sold from this list will go to the Got Books! donate box except for the SciFi which I might try and call Pandemonium about - maybe I can email them a list so I don't waste anyone's time.

- After that, I work on the "Keeper" bookcases. My Intent is to rid myself of as many as possible, once I make sure the ones I REALLY want I Have on digital edition. I know what you guys are saying, and NO this will not eliminate books, but you know it WILL eliminate my collection to the ones I MUST keep, which will be manageable. And not 25 boxes of "What do I do with this?" (I'm not exaggerating)

OK - need to post this, and get moving while still motivated. I kinda need a new kitchen rubbish bin, and I've seen one I like at Target but I think I will wait until I get a call from one of my clients, they have a different Target that might have the basket AND cover at the same time *gasp* plus there's a Stop & Shop with gas station there too - I have enough points to get about 20 cents per gallon off and I LIKE THAT! hehehehe.


Oct. 6th, 2009 03:19 am
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I had some issues with my Ipod tonight and it's reloading everything I wanted on it. So I'm waiting for it to finish.

Which is good because what just happened would have scared the shit out of me.

I bought a second shelving corner unit to match the one I already have and set it up tonight. I SWEAR I looked at it and thought "Its going to tip over" but did nothing about it.

You can see where this is going.

Some things broke that needed to. Some things broke that upset me. I'll assess all the damage tomorrow night. My Dream statue did NOT break but he's missing his crystal ball, which I will find. My pretty bone china cup DID break too - but it's a repairable without any additional issues. (That upsets me. It was a gift dammit, but I wanted it out where it could be seen and admired)

When that happened, I had been reading some back entries of mine and JEEBUS CHRIST why didn't anyone tell me how fucking emo I was? I will say that I was right about one thing - I needed someone calm and steady and loyal, who supports and adores me. I was just mistaken about where it would come from. AND I didn't need to chase it either.

And maybe I understand more about WHY things went south with certain boys. Sure, it happened, and sure it's forgivable. Except for the fact that if any of my chosen boys had had ONE OUNCE OF SPINE that wouldn't have happened. You should be ashamed. SHAME I SAY!

*sighs* I am horrified the shelves fell over. I just can't deal with it now, emotionally.
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Records that is. *grins*

Feel free to forward this on to anyone you think might be interested.

Just so we're up front, and I don't waste your time - There is not one Duran Duran or DD side project in this pile. I'm also keeping all the B52's and most of the Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks stuff. I actually found some rare stuff in the 45s, and it fills out my collection nicely.

I'm also going to post a link to this list to Facebook, so apologies if you see it twice.

Stuff I'm going to put up to Ebay, maybe, I think I should be able to get a couple of bucks for, maybe make me an offer )

Records I'm Giving away - will go to Got Books if no takers )

45's I'm thinking of putting up to Ebay, make an offer )

45's for free, condition is meh, ask me for details )
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I AM leaving the house today.

My car is back, which means the boxes that need recycling will go there today. I also sorted through the rest of my recycling - I'd forgotten a smaller box that I'm now going to use for bottle deposit bottles, and it was full of trash and unwashed out mil jugs. NOT my work, I assure you. GAGS - and can take my boxes to dump as well.

On the way back I need to stop and vote. I should also pop to the store and get some cold cuts. Then today I should clean out the fridge - there's food I'm NOT going to eat ands it sitting there is taunting me. I hate wasting food, so some will stay in the freezer, but some in the fridge is bad. I'm just too picky. It doesn't serve me to buy in bulk anymore, since if it hits an age I won't eat it. Better to buy smaller, more often. (except meat, that I freeze and cook when I have time)

I slept hot again last night, which means I didn't sleep well at all. I turned on my fan. My window was open and I needed my fan. WTF? I have to believe this has something to do with the sunburn I got on Sunday, being out with the car. I've felt off ever since, and I have this low level ick that comes and goes that I can't seem to shake (despite sleeping lots) I want it gone before the UK. And for some reason my back feels like hell. I'm going to pop an Aleve with breakfast to take the stiff out of it, so I can work it today and that should take care of the ongoing pain.

For now I have a free day, when I thought I was going to be working, and I need to use it to my advantage. I have no excuse today.
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And I can tell it's running better. I'm not sure what to say about such a gradual change that I don't see it/hear it. I can't ask about something I don't notice and it's doubtful something's going to be caught if it's not noticed by the end user.

The damage financially also wasn't as bad as anticipated. I misheard the dude on one of the charges.

Now things need to STAY this way. No more fuck ups this week.
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I had said to M earlier today - they're going to try and blame me for not doing the 100,000 mile checkup (which I declined to do after they gave away my car)

the final verdict =

- the battery being dead was the starting problem. After they replaced the battery, the engine was fine. Cost is greater than the last time I bought a battery, by about $50, but *shrugs* there's nothing I can do at this point

- now that the engine is running, and there's electricity to the computer, there is a Check Engine light, and codes:

- Code 1 - which he rattled off and I'm like "Um what?" was something to do with the gas lines - basically was my gas cap loose. My gas cap is one you tighten until you hear it click. I know it's important to make sure the gas cap is tight. It was also in my stepfather's mind yesterday - and I checked the gas cap which was clicking. They said there wasn't any apparent leak, make sure I tighten the cap and let them know if it pops up again.

- Code 2 - Engine misfiring - Which led them back to the spark plugs which are supposed to be changed out at - TAKE A GUESS! - 100,000 miles. Now forgive me but their failure at almost exactly that SCREAMS bullshittery, but OK. They also recommended cleaning the fuel filter to assist in all this. So, replace the Sparks, and the Filter cleaning.

costs for all this = around what my $100,000 mile would have cost. Done for today, I should have it tonight. This could have happened at any time, and honestly it was the battery that died that caused my not starting. That got them to find the other things, regarding the Check Engine light. And I'm going to take the car to Saturn the next time I pop the light in the rain - I explained it happens all the time in the rain and they want to know why. (I seem to recall someone from the dealer TELLING me it wasn't something I should worry about. Nice.)

No, it's not cheap, but it's less than an alternator (THANK YOU JEEBUS!) and less than a new car, and SHOULD get me through the Season without any other major problems. I'll know more once I get into the car and feel it run.

Anywhooo. Relief is extreme, and I can get on with my life now. I can;t stand not having a car.
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"Can we put a new battery in it, because it's not running long enough for us to diagnose the problem?"

Well YEAH put in a battery - but I'm curious as to WHY they don't have a battery for just this purpose - which they won't necessarily have to charge me for. For, you know, testing purposes.

But maybe I'm too fastidious. And think service shouldn't necessarily cost me $150 before it's looked at.

This is here to remind me to find a mechanic I trust. For the next time.

(also, yes of course the Check Engine light is on. it's been having a bad WEEK so far, a Check Engine light is the least of my issues!)

(and honestly - are we sure a new battery is going to fix this issue? I just don't think so but hey, I don't fix cars for a living what do I know?)


Sep. 21st, 2009 12:44 pm
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Car update - they haven't looked at it (not unexpected) should be after lunch sometime and they had a long thing about jumping and stalling and stuff.


ranting about service monkees and their nonsense below )
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the short answer - the car has been sent off to the dealer.

So Stepfather came over (I'm still not sure of using the term, but it DOES belong on him married or not, whether my mom is talking to him or not. Which she's not. This should make my next convo with her AWK-ward) and poked and prodded the engine. I don't think he exactly believed me until he saw the car REFUSE to turn over. What I heard this time were the clickings of a car trying to start, and not starting, that I didn't hear the other night. And, as he poked, things started coming on in the cabin. The lights, the dash, the radio - which I realized then hadn't lost time.

This isn't good - it means the battery is NOT dead. And the problem is not a dead battery.

So we jump the car (twice - the first time the jumper cables fucking SMOKED - I was pretty scared. *snort*) and it does start, just like Friday. And just like Friday it sounded NORMAL. the revved as it started up, everything was working fine. he sent me into the house to google "How to test if your alternator is working without a tester" (Let me promise you - it's scary) I came back out in about 10 minutes - I needed to pee, I needed to find an actual answer to the question instead of the "DON'T DO IT!" that I was finding, and I brought him a big glass of water. As I stepped out I realized - I couldn't hear my car.

yeah, he says, it just shut off no warning and now nothing, just like you said.

At that point, we decided that short of replacing the battery and having that NOT be the problem, and after a phone call from his older brother )that went "Yeah, we did that, yeah, that too, yeah that's what I thought" ) we really had no choice but to get professional help, and it should probably be the dealer.

Now OK - I KNOW the dealer is not necessarily the best course. But something is REALLY weirdly going on with this car, and if anyone would have seen it before it's the dealer who only works on these cars. They should be able to get the computer to cough up the diagnostics for it. I'm leaning towards it being an electrical short somewhere, and more than likely involving the starter. It COULD potentially still be the alternator/battery setup, we just don't know. (Hopefully it's not ALL of them, because then I will have a heart attack and my situation will be worse than a damn broken car!)

A bit of a funny with the tow truck - he went EVERYWHERE but where my car was - three different driveways and he got it all wrong until I came out front. Then they're all "You don't have Premium service!" and I said uh YES I do - see the GOLD CARD in your hand??? They had to "check on it" and that took 15 minutes and the question "Do you SEE the gold card?" *facepalm* THEN he couldn't get it into neutral, towing for the Saturns are by flatbed is possible, so it needed to be rolled up to it. _I_ hop in and get it in neutral, but not before he'd reversed the truck in order to jump it one more time, to start up the car, and put it in gear. SO he had to turn he truck around AGAIN and rep;ace the hooks. Duh. This is also after he looked at me and said "are you SURE it won't start? Can I try?" well yes sure, but it wont' start and if jumped won't STAY started, so it needs to be looked at, and I'm choosing the dealer.

Maybe I'll get REALLY lucky and it will be a part needing recall and I won't have to pony up for it! and hopefully I won't have to call AAA again, because I'll lose my Gold status for a year by going over my call limit.(I think I have one more freebie left) I swear it's paid for ITSELF in the past 2 days.

Anyway, so that's it for now. Service will look at it tomorrow and deliver the news. I'm considering a walk to CVS for milk and some other things, but not until it cools off. Not a cloud in sight and I'm DYING from heat.


Sep. 19th, 2009 01:22 am
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My workhorse of a car decided, suddenly, it wasn't playing anymore tonight. I parked it while helping [livejournal.com profile] dali_muse and everything was fine up until then. Until I went to leave - and the car wouldn't turn over. I had interior lights, some lock function but no radio, no headlights, no CAR. Insert call to AAA here. But,, a nice friend of [livejournal.com profile] dali_muse's roomie gave me a jump - which worked! Everything started up. I turned off EVERYTHING but the engine, and called AAA back. As the person on the phone said "OK, thank you for calling" she heard:

"WAIT - everything just died!"

My car went dead like I turned it off. I told the lady I had shut everything off but the engine and this looked worse than a dead battery. This time it's a tow. Another hour later, because I went to the BOTTOM of the list *sighs* the driver arrives. Who explained to me that they had thought it was weird my call came, vanished, then came again. *grins* BUT - one of their guys needed a ride right down my way (which he ended up not doing. Sna?)

He gave me and my car a ride home and even bought a Starbuck's coffee for me while getting gas! We also helped a Harvard Frosh and her HARRIED Connecticut Mom find their way to her street while going through Arlington/Cambridge. So NIce! *snerk*

My car is MOSTLY in it's spot, and I'm probably going to call stepfather tomorrow to come look at the battery. I'm HOPING and PRAYING it's just the battery/connection - because the alternative is an alternator that just WENT with no warning - and alternators are NOT CHEAP. In any event I don't think it's going anywhere until Monday.

Ugh. This COULD have had worse timing, but not by much. I JUST bought my ticket to the UK. If you're the praying type, PRAY it's just the battery. That I can handle.

For now I'm going to bed, and I need to get up tomorrow and handle what I can. Otherwise it's one more reason to get my stuff up to sell!
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Am I wrong to not want to go anywhere that involves me driving in the busiest parts of town/highway at rush hour?

Trying to make ujp my mind what to do, in what order. I want to do laundry at the place I favor, and I'll be honest, I'd rather do it LATER tonight. That means Client Then Laundry. Rather than Laundry then Client. ANy of these things involve a busy road, at rush hour. *sighs*

I think I will eat something, hit the bank to upend my piggy bank (which seems light. I'm REALLY trying not to think the obvious, since there will be some offense, but honestly - it feels like Piggy was raided a few months ago. *sighs again*) and get some money for quarters, then head over to client, then to laundromat. I'd also like some Hot and Sour soup while I'm out and about.

It's all about eating a late lunch now though, I have leftovers from last night. Nom.


Sep. 16th, 2009 12:10 pm
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WHY do I always start things I don't mean to?

I just started picking up my room. I have to see a client today, and need a shower. This morning was a weird day already as I woke up hungry. Ready to eat (Waffles! Yay!) compare this to yesterday when I had a hard time keeping coffee down let alone even remotely thinking of breakfast. *shrugs*

Anyway so I started with clothes from the floor. I do need to do laundry at some point. Then I realized I didn't want my new shoe organizer on the floor (it's a hanging type but doesn't work with my bedroom door. Visitors to my home will now be sharing the bathroom with my shoes. *lol*) so I hung that up. Then I thought my "findings" box for the days I hope to get to making jewelry out of bits and bobs looked messy, and I had a spare black Ikea box so that needed to go in there. AND while I was at it maybe I need to relocate the shoes left on the floor (boots really) and if I was going to do that I could stand to re-rearrange my shelving units, as I'm not exactly fond of where they are, and they worked better the other way I had them.

Two stubbed toes later (because I'm still in my PJs with no shoes on) things are re-arranged. I've resigned myself to the TV stand going in the corner between a bookcase and my shelving unit, and while I lose easy access to the shelves, I gain room in that corner, and light reaches it so I can actually see everything in there.

Wow - actually the whole room looks bigger. Maybe I've actually gotten rid of enough stuff, or rather found homes for enough that my room is somewhat organized. The trend must continue! Although not now. I'm going to clean off my bed of dusty junk that was on top of one of the units, and hang up the clothes that don't need washing, then get moving. My stupid phone didn't ring again - as an aside I probably need a new charging cord, mine's a bit busted but works to charge the phone, but it does weird things when plugged in, like not ring. NOT something I want to spend on now. Meh.

ETA - no really - my living room needs attention. I should apply my furious cleaning skillz to THAT yet I find everything else and it's mother to do. Sometime later today the luggage is coming out, along with some of my bigger outfits to plan for Whitby. Because I SO need to drag clean clothes out into the living room. *eyeroll*
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then I landed on the History Channel.

Unedited, un-narrated minute by minute bystander video from NYC.

The pile of firefighters and police waiting to, and barging into Tower 2 is genuinely heartbreaking.

It's by far the scariest thing I've ever seen.

Epic Fail

Sep. 9th, 2009 12:45 am
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Well I wanted to go to a show in RI tomorrow. to the point where I double checked everything and put it on my calendar. I just didn't feel like herding cats.

Yeah - it was tonight (Tuesday) not Tomorrow. I managed to look at everything 80 million times and still write down the wrong date.

On the plus sides, it's now money I won't spend, or gas, it frees up tomorrow to my tightening schedule, I have it on good authority I needn't have bothered anyway, and I will have money an energy for a show in Worcester on Thursday.

On the minus, whomever took my brains needs to return them, PRONTO. I feel totally discombobulated and DO Not Want!

A small bonus, it seems Uncle Rob and his horoscope thinks an Orgy might be JUST THE THING to fix my mood and issues right now. Hmmm, OK if I HAVE to. I'll muddle through it somehow. *snerk*

Also, whomever has my brains has my internal spell checker typing ability. I need that returned too. In like new condition if you please.
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is anyone interested in looking through my Cassette Tapes?

The second box for recycling is full, and I Haven't gotten any computer stuff into it, and I have a small box of cassettes left to put in.

There's so few items left that I have no issues tossing these, inserts into the paper recycling, but hey, let's get them al in the box.

If there's anyone who might be a taker, I'll pull them into a storage box and arrange a time for a rummage. Otherwise it's going. I just frankly don't have the room to keep them and no real cassette player for them - not in the car, although I still have a walkman, I'd LOVE to ditch that too. We has an Ipod precious and it has lots of lovely stuffs on it.

I'm trying to be busy. I'm failing.

ETA - OK actually if I pull some of the cassettes and send them separately I can send it media mail or Priority Flat Rate AND get the extra computer stuffs in there too. So less intensive but the offer still stands.
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So Newbury Comics called - not one thing they wanted. Which is BULLSHIT. I'm sure they'll give me some spiel about "not in good condition" and "scratches" but I went through the disks yesterday and with one or two exceptions they were great. The covers were great, the albums were great. And there were several in there that I'm sure people want. Not ME people but some.

Well then Newbury Comics - Thanks but no thanks. I will give the stuff I don't feel like dealing with to Got Books. In fact, I don't really see why I'd need to ever go in there again, for anything. Their used stuff is overpriced, and let's not even discuss the new stuff. I'll buy CDs from bands, rent DVDs, and that's it.

I think I'm going to run over before the office just to get it out of the way. I'm kinda angry about it. Fucking hipsters and their lack of taste. I might REadd some of these to the keeper pile, since I only wanted to sell them because I THOUGHT they were worth trying.

I swear, if the good reuseable bag I took them over in is gone, which I'm PRETTY SURE it will be, I will hurt something.
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the Freecycler who FINALLY took my mother's stupid giant George Foreman grill was super nice, said thank you incessantly, came when she said she would and followed up.

I think she just restored some faith in the world for me. And I'll be giving stuff to HER if she wants it.

Now hopefully Newbury Comics will give me a boatload of money for my vinyl!
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if you, or anyone you know, is an avid reader of what we charmingly call "Bodice ripper" novels, Romance novels and the genre, I have a list of books I'm ready to sell Especially good for anyone who is a collector, and might have some holes from the 80's/early 90's when I did most of my buying.

All books should be assumed to be in USED condition. I take great care of my books, so some might be almost new. But I really can't guarantee that. I'd rather someone be plesantly surprised at the like new condition, then disappointed by one more beaten up.

I'm just going to use a standard price point:

50 cents for each book published prior to 1/1/1990
$1 for each book published from 1/1/90 - 12/31/1999
$1.50 for each book published on or after 1/1/2000

I'm willing to to a flat rate for someone buying in bulk. Contact me with a list.

Plus postage. My preference is for Media Mail rate, but I'm open to other rates if you're willing to pay for it.
Perferred payment is via PayPal.

Cash and local delivery I'm open to - friends of should let me know which of my friends they're connected to. Clearly that method is free, unless I have to drive hell and gone away.

Any problems with the links, or questions just email me at my lj name at gmail.com.

EDITED - The list also includes Sci Fi - Mostly Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Star Trek, Star Wars and Buffy. Worth a look and search if you're looking for something.

Free Stuff

Aug. 26th, 2009 03:01 pm
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Please just take them. I'm just not sure if they'd even be of any use at a Goodwill store!

- Arms for an Ikea desk chair. I bought my chair from the As Is section, with arms attached and I hated them. I still hate them and it's time they left. Caveats - they only fit two styles of chair (see link) and if there's hardware to hold them on, it's long gone. I'm certain you could charm the nuts and bolts out of Ikea. And even if it's a couple of bucks, these are $20 worth of arms you're getting for nothing.

- a bag full of purple "Christmas" light strings, for the gothy 12 year old in all of us. I have too much crap, for serious. I don't need these. I think there's at least 4 strings, but don't quote me.

- some multi colored hanging files, for filing. And stuff. Purples and reds, some other colors. Like these maybe about 2 dozen or so. Promised to [livejournal.com profile] dali_muse

- Milkcrates. LOTS of them. They're a bit dirty, have been stored outside all winter, but I don't have hose capabilities here. Take as many as you need/want. I might pop these up as freebies on Freecycle around Labor Day for the College Student instant furniture section.

- 4 precut wood slats - they were for my bed and didn't work because my measuring skillz SUCK. If you need scrap wood - this is what you need! they're about the length across as a queen size frame - maybe a WEE bit less (See mad failure measuring skillz)

Um there may be more as I think of it. Feel free to pass this entry on to any friends you know of that might need the above.
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And I Haven't even done all that much!

- Moved the Recycling Box OF DOOM AND WOE into my car. As I carried it the weight of it (in my head) went from around 60 pounds to 80 hundred MILLION pounds. But I got it in the car. Then I took it to the local FedEx where a nice man who looked enough like [livejournal.com profile] network to make me think it MIGHT be him, 10 years older and come back in time brought out a lovely two-wheeler and didn't let me relift it again. Although HE did to his desk *GASP* where I found out it was 55 pounds (I KNEW my kitchen scale was a no good dirty liar!) and explained WHY I was mailing 55 pounds of video tapes to Jersey. Fun! Well at least I know now it'll go well with the second box I ordered yesterday, which won't be as heavy. Biggest point of this - it's GONE from my KITCHEN! *throws confetti*

- took the bags of crap I had in my trunk to the evil Goodwill store. On one hand, they're evil, on the other hand it was mostly crap, a few old phones, etc. Key point - it's GONE from my LIVING ROOM! *throws more confetti*

- the bathroom turned out nicely, if I do say so myself.

- I decided to email the next person on my list for that Grill I can't seem to get rid of. I was tired of no communication from the first woman and I HATED that she passive aggressively threw it off on me. Her last answer of "Maybe you should bring it by and leave it on my porch" totally defeated the purpose of me NOT DELIVERING said item. The next lady answered me before I got home from FedEx, and is coming to get it TODAY. Key point - grill and stand are leaving my house TODAY! *throws even more confetti*

- When I hit client this afternoon I'm taking some records over to Newbury Comics. They're buying small amounts of vinyl and I think the ones I picked out to go first should do pretty well. I'm thinking the others I've got I'm just going to pack up for Got Books, but I want to see how these do, and ask them about the others. If they tell me there's really no call for some of my mother's things, then I'll just let it go. I've got some 80's pieces that SHOULD go fine, like Michael Jackson's Thriller (Take that sister! Don't leave your shit behind! Hopefully she doesn't ask about it 10 years down the road. I am NOT my mother and grandmother I SHALL NOT HOARD ANYMORE!) *confetti pending on how much I get for these things*

- I might put a free things up on local Freecycle, collector, and I"m using the term loosely. computer parts (I'm talking my Coleco Adam, collector pieces my ass) and see if I just can't get someone to come get it. I need to get them together and take some pictures, so maybe I can get to that, to looking at and uploading the photos I took at [livejournal.com profile] dancer's of my clothes, and the book list. I can't advertise on the local LJ communities too much, once a month in one case, but I'm hoping to sell these personally before paying someone else to do it. The books I"m not giving too long, I'm starting to want them SO OUT OF HERE.

Anyway, there's another short post coming with some things to give away while I wait for the Grill lady. And also clean up all this confetti I threw around.
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