Oct. 21st, 2009


Oct. 21st, 2009 11:10 am
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First, I have suddenly become busy. This is not how I've been for weeks, and it's throwing me for a loop.

Then, 6 days! *squeee* Need to get my paperwork and shit together.

And, my *crank* is all about how technology around me has begun to be a big FAIL I had issues with my EReader and software, fixed now I hope, and the Ipod and ITunes, not fixed but I get to recreate my playlists AGAIN *NOT joy* and now my cell is causing fail.

I mean the first fail is mine - after all I'M the one who dropped the damn thing a while ago and bent the charger prong. So when I dropped it again, and it stopped charging, it's really my own. But I have NO IDEA why my second bluetooth earpiece that I had suddenly stopped working. The first I LIKE but it fits on my ear awkwardly, and wasn't conductive to using. This other one matches a RAZR I had that I finally got rid of via Craigslist (IE it's pink) but yesterday decided to connect, but not play in my ear. I have no idea why, and I have less interest in scouring the Internet to find out. I'll just get a new one, but not right now. I just LIKE the earpiece. It's been better for my phone-calling-ness.

and now that I think of it, this is the TIRD earpiece that has been made of FAIL in 6 months. The first was wired, that just stopped working. Second was not good for use, third has failed. Maybe my issue is that I've run out of options stored in my house and I need to buy one. *grumble*

I'm waiting on dealing with it, because of the one thing that HAS been great - my replacement power cord. I didn't want to buy it brand new, so I found one on Ebay. For 97 cents, on sale, with free shipping. Instead of $35. *boggle* It's exactly like the one I broke. So I'm thinking when I get back I'll order an earpiece form the same company, to make sure there's enough time to ship. The free shipping was supposed to take two weeks - I had it in 5 days that included a weekend. I need to give them awesome feedback, shortly.

Anyway, didn't I say I was busy? Some stuff needs to get done.


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