Oct. 9th, 2009

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- Anyone need plastic milk crates? I have 21 of them a pile on the balcony that I'm going to freecycle unless someone here wants them. There's um, more than a dozen, less than 30, I haven't counted, but will. Speak up if you want em. Just in case someone reads back - milk crates are gone. Freecycle FTW, this time!

- today I took Big Recycling Box to shipper to go out, full of the rest of my video tapes, some audio tapes to fill the gaps and all the old "WTF is this?" computer parts I cleaned out of my computer parts box. I'm SERIOUSLY PLEASED by this.

- What isn't seriously pleasing is the number of audio tapes that remain. There's another box in my future, I think, but I'm officially not dealing with it until after I get back from the UK.

- BY the way - I'm off to the UK for Whitby in a few weeks. Let the Squeeing commence. There also might be some naughtiness with my little pet. But don't tell him tho. He thinks my intentions are pure. They are not. *evil grin*

- also having left the house is three boxes (only half full each) of various recycling items. Paper, plastic, etc, to the local dump. I also confirmed they take appliances, so the portable washer is going to the Kitchen in the Sky before I go. That was weird, because I asked the question for the guys in the booth - directly in front of the pile of appliances. I said "I didn't know if this was a free-for-all appliance pile" and the guys laughed. So not entirely a blonde after all.

- some other goals for today include throwing out a few more items I want gone from the house, my old bed rails for example, a desktop that was left on the balcony and is ruined, ditto for the rug from my storage unit. *sighs* That one was a loss anyway let's face it.

- I'm also HOPEFULLY putting up a quickie display of the big items I'd like to sell. Then when I get back I will be able to mailing list some of them. I just don't have time now to put them up and get things shipped unless it's at my timetable. Maybe I can work on cleaning things up while in the UK - I will have a few days of my own stuff to do.

- Also need to post my books link to the used book lists here. I'd like to send it to the mailing list but can't until next week. Stupid posting rules. That will give people about a week to get orders in. Cutting it close but after that I want the books gone - anything not sold from this list will go to the Got Books! donate box except for the SciFi which I might try and call Pandemonium about - maybe I can email them a list so I don't waste anyone's time.

- After that, I work on the "Keeper" bookcases. My Intent is to rid myself of as many as possible, once I make sure the ones I REALLY want I Have on digital edition. I know what you guys are saying, and NO this will not eliminate books, but you know it WILL eliminate my collection to the ones I MUST keep, which will be manageable. And not 25 boxes of "What do I do with this?" (I'm not exaggerating)

OK - need to post this, and get moving while still motivated. I kinda need a new kitchen rubbish bin, and I've seen one I like at Target but I think I will wait until I get a call from one of my clients, they have a different Target that might have the basket AND cover at the same time *gasp* plus there's a Stop & Shop with gas station there too - I have enough points to get about 20 cents per gallon off and I LIKE THAT! hehehehe.
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I'm going to start detailing the Subjects of the emails I get from them wanting me to buy more services. They send me a free daily horoscope, and one weekly which I find fun. But these emails are annoying me. So I'm going to start posting them here.

Is It Time to Move On?


Still clinging to a relationship that's over? Sometimes it seems you can't let go of someone, no matter how hard you try. Find out what he's really thinking -- and if you should wait for him or move on -- with a free psychic love reading. New customers, choose your special offer: (freebies nonsense removed)

Now - after you've seen a few of these you'll know why I'm getting paranoid - does this company ACTUALLY KNOW SOMETHING???? Usually I get "Is He Coming Back?" or "Are You Sure He Is Your Soulmate?" WTF horoscope company????

(The reality is I do not have to worry about anything, and the SWBF thinks this is hysterical, as it makes his disbelief in this even more firm. I've said I shall bring my Tarot cards along next time and we'll see. *lol*)


Oct. 9th, 2009 07:51 pm
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Milk crates are gone! Nice Freecycle couple came and took them all away in their dirty glory. I did a bit of sweeping, and looked about the living room. I would like to vac one more time before I put any clean clothes down for pictures, and with evil stupid downstairs neighbors, I won't do that until tomorrow. There are rules about "noise" after certain times, and we're getting close to, despite it being Friday. It can wait, I'm just as motivated to get it done tomorrow.

I think I will sit back and watch some stuff from the DVR til I get sleepy, I also have just realized that thanks to a massive pizza last night I haven't been hungry all day, and my stomach is making itself known now. I see tuna on whole wheat sammiches and maybe some tea in my future!

I might shower first tho, I'm very dirty. In a bad way, the kind after moving 20 dirty milk crates, not the good kind, where there would be someone naked and on fire.


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