Sep. 21st, 2009


Sep. 21st, 2009 12:44 pm
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Car update - they haven't looked at it (not unexpected) should be after lunch sometime and they had a long thing about jumping and stalling and stuff.


ranting about service monkees and their nonsense below )
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"Can we put a new battery in it, because it's not running long enough for us to diagnose the problem?"

Well YEAH put in a battery - but I'm curious as to WHY they don't have a battery for just this purpose - which they won't necessarily have to charge me for. For, you know, testing purposes.

But maybe I'm too fastidious. And think service shouldn't necessarily cost me $150 before it's looked at.

This is here to remind me to find a mechanic I trust. For the next time.

(also, yes of course the Check Engine light is on. it's been having a bad WEEK so far, a Check Engine light is the least of my issues!)

(and honestly - are we sure a new battery is going to fix this issue? I just don't think so but hey, I don't fix cars for a living what do I know?)
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I had said to M earlier today - they're going to try and blame me for not doing the 100,000 mile checkup (which I declined to do after they gave away my car)

the final verdict =

- the battery being dead was the starting problem. After they replaced the battery, the engine was fine. Cost is greater than the last time I bought a battery, by about $50, but *shrugs* there's nothing I can do at this point

- now that the engine is running, and there's electricity to the computer, there is a Check Engine light, and codes:

- Code 1 - which he rattled off and I'm like "Um what?" was something to do with the gas lines - basically was my gas cap loose. My gas cap is one you tighten until you hear it click. I know it's important to make sure the gas cap is tight. It was also in my stepfather's mind yesterday - and I checked the gas cap which was clicking. They said there wasn't any apparent leak, make sure I tighten the cap and let them know if it pops up again.

- Code 2 - Engine misfiring - Which led them back to the spark plugs which are supposed to be changed out at - TAKE A GUESS! - 100,000 miles. Now forgive me but their failure at almost exactly that SCREAMS bullshittery, but OK. They also recommended cleaning the fuel filter to assist in all this. So, replace the Sparks, and the Filter cleaning.

costs for all this = around what my $100,000 mile would have cost. Done for today, I should have it tonight. This could have happened at any time, and honestly it was the battery that died that caused my not starting. That got them to find the other things, regarding the Check Engine light. And I'm going to take the car to Saturn the next time I pop the light in the rain - I explained it happens all the time in the rain and they want to know why. (I seem to recall someone from the dealer TELLING me it wasn't something I should worry about. Nice.)

No, it's not cheap, but it's less than an alternator (THANK YOU JEEBUS!) and less than a new car, and SHOULD get me through the Season without any other major problems. I'll know more once I get into the car and feel it run.

Anywhooo. Relief is extreme, and I can get on with my life now. I can;t stand not having a car.
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And I can tell it's running better. I'm not sure what to say about such a gradual change that I don't see it/hear it. I can't ask about something I don't notice and it's doubtful something's going to be caught if it's not noticed by the end user.

The damage financially also wasn't as bad as anticipated. I misheard the dude on one of the charges.

Now things need to STAY this way. No more fuck ups this week.


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