Sep. 19th, 2009


Sep. 19th, 2009 01:22 am
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My workhorse of a car decided, suddenly, it wasn't playing anymore tonight. I parked it while helping [ profile] dali_muse and everything was fine up until then. Until I went to leave - and the car wouldn't turn over. I had interior lights, some lock function but no radio, no headlights, no CAR. Insert call to AAA here. But,, a nice friend of [ profile] dali_muse's roomie gave me a jump - which worked! Everything started up. I turned off EVERYTHING but the engine, and called AAA back. As the person on the phone said "OK, thank you for calling" she heard:

"WAIT - everything just died!"

My car went dead like I turned it off. I told the lady I had shut everything off but the engine and this looked worse than a dead battery. This time it's a tow. Another hour later, because I went to the BOTTOM of the list *sighs* the driver arrives. Who explained to me that they had thought it was weird my call came, vanished, then came again. *grins* BUT - one of their guys needed a ride right down my way (which he ended up not doing. Sna?)

He gave me and my car a ride home and even bought a Starbuck's coffee for me while getting gas! We also helped a Harvard Frosh and her HARRIED Connecticut Mom find their way to her street while going through Arlington/Cambridge. So NIce! *snerk*

My car is MOSTLY in it's spot, and I'm probably going to call stepfather tomorrow to come look at the battery. I'm HOPING and PRAYING it's just the battery/connection - because the alternative is an alternator that just WENT with no warning - and alternators are NOT CHEAP. In any event I don't think it's going anywhere until Monday.

Ugh. This COULD have had worse timing, but not by much. I JUST bought my ticket to the UK. If you're the praying type, PRAY it's just the battery. That I can handle.

For now I'm going to bed, and I need to get up tomorrow and handle what I can. Otherwise it's one more reason to get my stuff up to sell!


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