Sep. 16th, 2009


Sep. 16th, 2009 12:10 pm
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WHY do I always start things I don't mean to?

I just started picking up my room. I have to see a client today, and need a shower. This morning was a weird day already as I woke up hungry. Ready to eat (Waffles! Yay!) compare this to yesterday when I had a hard time keeping coffee down let alone even remotely thinking of breakfast. *shrugs*

Anyway so I started with clothes from the floor. I do need to do laundry at some point. Then I realized I didn't want my new shoe organizer on the floor (it's a hanging type but doesn't work with my bedroom door. Visitors to my home will now be sharing the bathroom with my shoes. *lol*) so I hung that up. Then I thought my "findings" box for the days I hope to get to making jewelry out of bits and bobs looked messy, and I had a spare black Ikea box so that needed to go in there. AND while I was at it maybe I need to relocate the shoes left on the floor (boots really) and if I was going to do that I could stand to re-rearrange my shelving units, as I'm not exactly fond of where they are, and they worked better the other way I had them.

Two stubbed toes later (because I'm still in my PJs with no shoes on) things are re-arranged. I've resigned myself to the TV stand going in the corner between a bookcase and my shelving unit, and while I lose easy access to the shelves, I gain room in that corner, and light reaches it so I can actually see everything in there.

Wow - actually the whole room looks bigger. Maybe I've actually gotten rid of enough stuff, or rather found homes for enough that my room is somewhat organized. The trend must continue! Although not now. I'm going to clean off my bed of dusty junk that was on top of one of the units, and hang up the clothes that don't need washing, then get moving. My stupid phone didn't ring again - as an aside I probably need a new charging cord, mine's a bit busted but works to charge the phone, but it does weird things when plugged in, like not ring. NOT something I want to spend on now. Meh.

ETA - no really - my living room needs attention. I should apply my furious cleaning skillz to THAT yet I find everything else and it's mother to do. Sometime later today the luggage is coming out, along with some of my bigger outfits to plan for Whitby. Because I SO need to drag clean clothes out into the living room. *eyeroll*
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Am I wrong to not want to go anywhere that involves me driving in the busiest parts of town/highway at rush hour?

Trying to make ujp my mind what to do, in what order. I want to do laundry at the place I favor, and I'll be honest, I'd rather do it LATER tonight. That means Client Then Laundry. Rather than Laundry then Client. ANy of these things involve a busy road, at rush hour. *sighs*

I think I will eat something, hit the bank to upend my piggy bank (which seems light. I'm REALLY trying not to think the obvious, since there will be some offense, but honestly - it feels like Piggy was raided a few months ago. *sighs again*) and get some money for quarters, then head over to client, then to laundromat. I'd also like some Hot and Sour soup while I'm out and about.

It's all about eating a late lunch now though, I have leftovers from last night. Nom.


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