Aug. 26th, 2009

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And I Haven't even done all that much!

- Moved the Recycling Box OF DOOM AND WOE into my car. As I carried it the weight of it (in my head) went from around 60 pounds to 80 hundred MILLION pounds. But I got it in the car. Then I took it to the local FedEx where a nice man who looked enough like [ profile] network to make me think it MIGHT be him, 10 years older and come back in time brought out a lovely two-wheeler and didn't let me relift it again. Although HE did to his desk *GASP* where I found out it was 55 pounds (I KNEW my kitchen scale was a no good dirty liar!) and explained WHY I was mailing 55 pounds of video tapes to Jersey. Fun! Well at least I know now it'll go well with the second box I ordered yesterday, which won't be as heavy. Biggest point of this - it's GONE from my KITCHEN! *throws confetti*

- took the bags of crap I had in my trunk to the evil Goodwill store. On one hand, they're evil, on the other hand it was mostly crap, a few old phones, etc. Key point - it's GONE from my LIVING ROOM! *throws more confetti*

- the bathroom turned out nicely, if I do say so myself.

- I decided to email the next person on my list for that Grill I can't seem to get rid of. I was tired of no communication from the first woman and I HATED that she passive aggressively threw it off on me. Her last answer of "Maybe you should bring it by and leave it on my porch" totally defeated the purpose of me NOT DELIVERING said item. The next lady answered me before I got home from FedEx, and is coming to get it TODAY. Key point - grill and stand are leaving my house TODAY! *throws even more confetti*

- When I hit client this afternoon I'm taking some records over to Newbury Comics. They're buying small amounts of vinyl and I think the ones I picked out to go first should do pretty well. I'm thinking the others I've got I'm just going to pack up for Got Books, but I want to see how these do, and ask them about the others. If they tell me there's really no call for some of my mother's things, then I'll just let it go. I've got some 80's pieces that SHOULD go fine, like Michael Jackson's Thriller (Take that sister! Don't leave your shit behind! Hopefully she doesn't ask about it 10 years down the road. I am NOT my mother and grandmother I SHALL NOT HOARD ANYMORE!) *confetti pending on how much I get for these things*

- I might put a free things up on local Freecycle, collector, and I"m using the term loosely. computer parts (I'm talking my Coleco Adam, collector pieces my ass) and see if I just can't get someone to come get it. I need to get them together and take some pictures, so maybe I can get to that, to looking at and uploading the photos I took at [ profile] dancer's of my clothes, and the book list. I can't advertise on the local LJ communities too much, once a month in one case, but I'm hoping to sell these personally before paying someone else to do it. The books I"m not giving too long, I'm starting to want them SO OUT OF HERE.

Anyway, there's another short post coming with some things to give away while I wait for the Grill lady. And also clean up all this confetti I threw around.

Free Stuff

Aug. 26th, 2009 03:01 pm
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Please just take them. I'm just not sure if they'd even be of any use at a Goodwill store!

- Arms for an Ikea desk chair. I bought my chair from the As Is section, with arms attached and I hated them. I still hate them and it's time they left. Caveats - they only fit two styles of chair (see link) and if there's hardware to hold them on, it's long gone. I'm certain you could charm the nuts and bolts out of Ikea. And even if it's a couple of bucks, these are $20 worth of arms you're getting for nothing.

- a bag full of purple "Christmas" light strings, for the gothy 12 year old in all of us. I have too much crap, for serious. I don't need these. I think there's at least 4 strings, but don't quote me.

- some multi colored hanging files, for filing. And stuff. Purples and reds, some other colors. Like these maybe about 2 dozen or so. Promised to [ profile] dali_muse

- Milkcrates. LOTS of them. They're a bit dirty, have been stored outside all winter, but I don't have hose capabilities here. Take as many as you need/want. I might pop these up as freebies on Freecycle around Labor Day for the College Student instant furniture section.

- 4 precut wood slats - they were for my bed and didn't work because my measuring skillz SUCK. If you need scrap wood - this is what you need! they're about the length across as a queen size frame - maybe a WEE bit less (See mad failure measuring skillz)

Um there may be more as I think of it. Feel free to pass this entry on to any friends you know of that might need the above.
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if you, or anyone you know, is an avid reader of what we charmingly call "Bodice ripper" novels, Romance novels and the genre, I have a list of books I'm ready to sell Especially good for anyone who is a collector, and might have some holes from the 80's/early 90's when I did most of my buying.

All books should be assumed to be in USED condition. I take great care of my books, so some might be almost new. But I really can't guarantee that. I'd rather someone be plesantly surprised at the like new condition, then disappointed by one more beaten up.

I'm just going to use a standard price point:

50 cents for each book published prior to 1/1/1990
$1 for each book published from 1/1/90 - 12/31/1999
$1.50 for each book published on or after 1/1/2000

I'm willing to to a flat rate for someone buying in bulk. Contact me with a list.

Plus postage. My preference is for Media Mail rate, but I'm open to other rates if you're willing to pay for it.
Perferred payment is via PayPal.

Cash and local delivery I'm open to - friends of should let me know which of my friends they're connected to. Clearly that method is free, unless I have to drive hell and gone away.

Any problems with the links, or questions just email me at my lj name at

EDITED - The list also includes Sci Fi - Mostly Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Star Trek, Star Wars and Buffy. Worth a look and search if you're looking for something.
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the Freecycler who FINALLY took my mother's stupid giant George Foreman grill was super nice, said thank you incessantly, came when she said she would and followed up.

I think she just restored some faith in the world for me. And I'll be giving stuff to HER if she wants it.

Now hopefully Newbury Comics will give me a boatload of money for my vinyl!


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