Aug. 25th, 2009

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ETA - Pending getting a babysitter! Hopefully it'll be a seat with a butt in it.

I managed to buy one more ticket than actually needed for THIS FRIDAY'S Cirque show - Alegria (don't ask) Attempts to get people to go have not been successful, oddly. I think it's because it's ONE ticket and people want two. Which I believe there's plenty of tickets out there, so if you want to go you should.

Anyway, the details:

1 Ticket available for this Friday, 8/28, it's at Agganis Arena in Boston at 8PM. These are the Fan Club seats, although money was tight so they're not OMG FLOOR seats, but I think they're decent. It's section 105, Row M. I've given out the rest of the tix but the ones I have are seats 11 and 12, so we're in the middle of the row. I frankly wanted to be out of the way of Clown Abuse and Confetti Cannons. These are good seats - we had approximately the same seats in Providence and saw everything. Most of the acts are out on the main floor or aerial.

Price is $75, includes fees. the same ticket now is about $100 after fees.

Poke me in comments or email me at my lj name at gmail dot com. And you'll be seeing this on Facebook too.


Aug. 25th, 2009 11:37 pm
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What is it with me and late night doings? Seriously, lately, ok more than lately, I've said "I can't do X thing because it'll keep me up too late and I'll be late for work" Having every job I've mostly ever had (with the exception of the past months) hammer this in, hasn't helped my mood.

Now I should have a schedule. And I should get things done. But I find my timing and desires are backwards from, and I use this term loosely, the normal.

For example, I wanted to do laundry last night. I went out around 9:30, to the mat that's open til midnight, and did it, then put it away when I got home. Ending time - midnight.

Today/tonight - I did a hella lot of nothing. Until about 10PM when I got it in my head I NEEDED to do something - so I started on the bathroom. And the shower did qualify as "nasty" which shames me greatly. I had thought it was just "Meh" but clearly I need to shower more often with my contacts in. THAT took way too long (and I'm sorry but OxyClean was frackin useless, I used Comet and a sponge. I really should ditch all my cleaning products except for Bleach, Vinegar, OxyClean for some scrubbing and the laundry, although Borax is just as good, and Comet, and a couple of sponges, brushes, a mop and a bucket. OH and my Clorox wipes. I LOVE those things!) I'm not going to discuss the floor except to say that at least MY hair falls out in the shower, and when I shave my head I SWEEP. WELL. The amount I picked up with the mop AFTER sweeping *shudder*

I think I will hit the Dollar store and buy a bunch of new things. A new toilet brush, and bathroom basket. Maybe some baskets for hair product to put under the sink in place of the cleaning crap I'm going to get rid of. An industrial size package of multicolored sponges. I did spring for a "good" mop at Target - the dollar store mop really isn't worth the dollar. I knew that but was still disappointed.

(PS thank you [ profile] deadwinter - I used your gift to fund the cleaning spree. However, since I spent as much at Target as I spent on new Contacts the same day, I prefer to think that you helped me see. I promise I'll buy some sexy shoes anyway. *winks*)

But the point is, I will lollygag all day and work ALL NIGHT for some reason. I really should live on a farm where I can make all the noise I want. I'm certain the asshats downstairs are furious I'm walking around, and making cleaning noises.

AND I need to start being strict with myself. I really really REALLY should work on one sales/donate box a night until it's sorted, posted and/or gone. Maybe if set limits, AND remind myself how much I could use the extra cash, that will motivate me.

ETA - the irony is, the bathroom is clean (and the floor wet so I can't go in there) and now I"M so dirty (in the bad way) that I can't go to bed without making a mess int he clean bathroom. Who can't win? THIS GUY!


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