Jul. 28th, 2009

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After a while of being just vague and the usual fortune cookie type advice, this week's Free Will Astrology, well you look at it:

LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Would you like to spend the next 30 years working your assets off to make your bosses rich? If not, I suggest you start formulating Plan B immediately. The astrological time is not exactly ripe to extricate yourself from the wicked game, but it's ripe to begin scheming and dreaming about how to extricate yourself. Here's a tip to get you in the mood. Assume that there's some validity in the meme that mythologist Joseph Campbell articulated: "Follow your bliss and the money will come." Then ask yourself, "Do I even know what my bliss is? Not my mild joy or diversionary fun but my unadulterated bliss?" Once you know that, you can follow it. And then, inevitably -- although it may take a while -- the money will follow.

Whether you belive in this stuff or not = Rob's hit my major issue right on it's big fat head. AND also delivered pretty sound advice. I've been feeling guilty about potentially pulling out of a business thing, because someone's putting all MY cookies in their basket. And you know what? I kinda LIKE cookies. Especially my cookies. I'd like to keep my cookies. Most of my cookies. And not slave away so YOU have cookies, and I don't.

And yes, the time is not now, but soon. I can feel that, I don't need to be told. Conversations need to happen.


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