May. 14th, 2009

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Dear my dumb ass phone company. yes you, you know who you are.

I get a lot of spam from you. Either it's upgrade my cell, or my dinosaur of a landline, or hey how about that FIOS!? But usually I have a look, decide change is bad, since I've just gotten some perks, and I'm happy where I am (and I'm not too sure my building can DO FIOS anyway. That's how I almost lost the phone, because there's no digital phone service in it and no plans to upgrade) I tear it up and recycle, or delete the emails.

But really, calls to my cell from a weird number are NOT allowed. In fact I not only told you that, but I'm on the Do Not Call list with the AG's office. And yes I know you get around that by me being a customer. But since it's the first spam call I've gotten since a very WEIRD interaction I had with company unknown because they REFUSED to tell me, I'm jumpy.

And then there's looking that number up on the internet. And seeing that it's a telemarketing 3rd party company HIRED by my phone company, to UPSELL MY CURRENT SERVICE. And they're pushy, and they demand personal information up front. (Which I would never give out anyway) So as soon as the H00man answered the phone I told them to take me off their list. And he was snotty about it but they HAVE to.

Now you listen to me. I like my service. I want to keep the landline phone number and you're not making it easy or fiscally responsible. I want to UP my cell service, I'm even considering a Blackberry and going along with all your silliness so I can use my phone in the UK. I like getting my email and internet on the phone and I love my full keyboard. I get great reception and my only issue with things lately has been a battery issue that one of your stores fixed.


if I get these calls anymore I WILL let my contract run out and see what all the hype is about the IPhone. I've only been on your service for 13 years. And these things piss me off. Rethinking the Blackberry too - how do you like that? All because you couldn't keep your auto dialer off my phone number.

Happy now?


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