May. 6th, 2009


May. 6th, 2009 12:46 am
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I actually haven't packed THAT much for the trip. It's 4 days, I need a few things, but I also don't know what it's going to BE like there. Will I be too hot in what I have? Too cold? I need to prep to layer.

I'm taking two pairs of jeans in different colors and a skirt, with several shirt/outfit selections to go with each. I would say there's at LEAST one too many outfits, possibly more. But I'll be glad to be able to say "It's like B:AH today I'll wear this.

I might also skip the extra boots. I was planning on packing docs and wearing the stompy boots (which actually are easier in an airport setting. They zip on and off but I'm always afraid they'll decide they HAVE to rip the soles off. Making them unwearable, since that can't be glued back on) but given what we're planning on doing, I might not need the stompy boots. I'm also not worrying about accessories either. I'm taking what I'm wearing and it'll do. The only reason I'd take them is so I can switch out of footwear when I'm doing some walking - that helps immensely to be able to have two different types of footwear.

Argh. I hate this - I LIKE having my whole closet with me!

I can't imagine what 2 days in NYC will be like. I'll need to change 3 times a day!

ETA - and I'm SO TAKING at least three pairs of shoes. But I must be careful since they need to be walkable! and the New Rocks don't really count! Argh! I want to wear something nice for Cirque but maybe jeans and a tank are fiine *lol*

Off to bed, it's a long day tomorrow and I need to get to bed earlyish to get up earlyish.


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