May. 5th, 2009


May. 5th, 2009 10:35 am
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Why is it I'm more confused over what to take and how much for 4 days in Atlanta, than I am by 2.5 days in NYC?

Well actually that's easy - it's flight versus bus. I can take my larger carry on size for NYC as it's an easy wheeler, and it just has to go under the bus, with my backpack over my shoulder. However on the plane, it has to be a carryon with all the restrictions, and the larger of the carry on sizes MIGHT be too big.


I think I'm going to take the time right now to pull out my luggage and figure some packings. Tomorrow is going to be messy schedule wise and I have some work to do.

Atlanta is this weekend, and should include:
- steaks
- Star Trek (*cough*Twilight*cough*)
- burgers at the Vortex, accompanied by Excessive Drinking
- a show at the Masq (The Horrorpops, which I need to call Chris about wardrobe!)
- The King Tut exhibit
- shopping at little Five Points
- NIN/Jane's
- two SUPER fun airports for me *sighs*

NYC is developing nicely. I didn't have to plan the hotel, there's discussion of the travel plans down, and I've got a time for Kooza. I'm trying not to make super plans but there are people I'd like to catch up with. As soon as I get the "official" agenda (*sighs*) I'll be able to plan that. I've already issued one invite to go with me to Cirque, but we'll see where that comes out. Almost thinking of going alone, so I can sit in the front row *lol*

Postus Interruptus to write an email about NYC and to drag out my luggage - yeah it's the smaller one. 41 inches per the website, which is just under their size allowance. The big one is way too big. (then there's the BIG big one, which clearly isn't going, besides it still has a broken wheel.)

Which reminds me - [ profile] dredpiratebunny I'd like you to take me luggage shopping, I'm going to replace rather than repair the big one. I need one lightweight one for England, and it needs to be more durable. I might mail LM my smaller suitcase along with some clothes for Whitby, but let's deal with that when it comes.

ANyway, I should get moving, I decided to get some stuff done before leaving.


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