Apr. 13th, 2009

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did you really need the money?

I wanted to present the original. can't find it in non-suck format. Dammit.

Then, teaching the kiddies about history/literature This is pretty damn cool.

This however, is just wrong. At least I've only seen this on Adult Swim. (and this version is super extra special wrong)

The hell?

And what the hell happened to the Burger King anyway? When I was a kid he was tall and elegant, serving burgers to unsuspecting families, and gifiting the world with crappy plastic fit together toys (and the occasional Star Wars tie in.) now he's REALLY FUCKING SCARY with that big head. Child molester I kid you not.
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I have a box or two of kids books I'm having a hard time getting rid of. Books were my life's blood growing up and I'm attached. It's not good though, because I'm not "reading' them, I have craploads of books suitable for adults *grins* and they're not getting any love.

Now I know everyone on my lists have kids with more books than they need. I seem to recall being begged not to buy any more books for a kid who was swimming in them. But I have a proposition.

I'm going to pull them all together. Next week Evil Niece and sister arrive, and I'm going to see if they will take some. I'm going to GUILT my mother into taking the Nancy Drews. The original hardcovers. The ones I used to painstakingly pick out of my grandmother's basement one at a time to read like at a library. The ones that belonged to my mother and aunt. Yeah, those. I want my evil Niece to have that opportunity - to head to the basement and pick out a book to take to her room and curl up and read.

The rest of them I've FINALLY seen something that makes me feel good. So, here's what I'll do:

- gather up all the books. I'm planning on selling some
- Niece has first pick
- some will be put into storage for her/me, outside of this house.
- I'll bring the box over to your place, you and your kid can pick out the ones you want. You can also send ME OFF with any books they've outgrown, or you don't want around.

once I've made the rounds, anything I have left I'll take to Liberty Bay Credit Union. While looking something up yesterday I came across the fact that they're having a book drive for the family lounge at Children's Hospital. I really can get down with a sick child's sibling being comforted by reading a book that did the same for me. It's through the end of April, and if I miss that deadline, I'll find another way to get them there.

It didn't feel right to give my old friends to a company that would make money off them. I can accept putting them in the hands of kids who will love them. And possibly tear the covers off them. *grins*

Anyway, feel free to poke me, here or off list, and once I get organized I'll poke you back.


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