Apr. 4th, 2009

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Great time last night up in Salem with Caustic, the Gothsicles and Prometheus Burning. I didn't know how much I needed the blowout. I feel much more relaxed today, than I did, say, yesterday, and last night felt sharp. The two Black Velvets didn't hurt, but thankfully the bar served munchies so I didn't get any more than about 5 minutes of buzzed.

It seems like the bands are having a hellovagoodtime, but also hitting the occasional roadbump, so if you have the opportunity to come out and support some awesome people, do so. Newark, you're next *lol* I REALLY wish I could pop to DC and see that show with the Dark Clan, but alas, not to be.

I got shouted out to for buying B from the Gothsicles a beer. It looked like it was THAT beer, the one that sent him from WHOOO to WHOA! hehehehe. Sorry about that. *snerk* I was just more happy to be able to have a night out without pinching pennies, or scraping up change for a tip. Bar Tabs are dangerous!

Anyway, just because I feel more on doesn't mean I don't got shit to do. This needs to git back in the closet for another few weeks. I just feel better about handling things given that I've blown off some steam. And I'm late on top of things. Oops.


Apr. 4th, 2009 09:57 pm
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That, after last night, was the biggest letdown. IMMENSELY shitty day. Ending in whining and tears (no seriously, I need to eat more often, I'm certain this is a blood sugar issue now)

Then I came home, applied liberal amounts of cheap Chinese food and Reisling, and Lo, I am in a better place.

And just a wee bit warm *hic*

Remind me to thank Teh Unit regarding her issues with "alcoholism" and how they DON'T effect me anymore. I might need to keep a bottle in reserve at all times, just for the one glass that puts my calm on, at least for the next two weeks. Once in a while - it's not a problem. At least not MY problem.


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