Mar. 29th, 2009

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someone remind me how close the two Marriotts that Dragoncon happens at are.

I'm going to visit [ profile] le2pold in Atlanta for the NIN show, and we're going out gothing (I HOPE!) and to the King Tut exhibit and all that. I know that some have liked the Renaissance as a hotel, so we're getting the package there (not expensive enough to make me choke, but will be a nice stay and includes a lot of stuff most specifically breakfast and free parking)

But for some reason I'm having a huge brain fart about getting from point A to point B in the two hotels. The MARTA stop near the Renaissance is not ringing a bell, and honestly I recall getting Lost As Fuck trying to find the Renaissance from the Marquis. And I'd rather use the Five Points MARTA and potentially take L to Sear for dinner one of the nights (I remember a few people talking about it and the menu makes my mouth water!)

So give me some help here, any advice or maps you can point me to? I just need to see it, to make sure I'm making the right hotel choice.


Edite to add - I'm also thinking sushi/teriyaki, so any recommends in that vein are awesome. Of course, I might just have to take him to Hooters. *snerk*


Mar. 29th, 2009 02:34 pm
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and in other news, not sure what to do with myself. I have stuff to do, and it needs to get done, but I have shopping needs. I bought burger for sloppy joes (a constant fave in this household) and I might also toss some in for a chili, but in those cases I need some supplies and certainly nice fresh rolls for joes. That means dealing with the supermarket on a Sunday. Ugh. I also need some mailing envelopes, for larger package type things, to make some copies and one or two more pieces of office stuff for what I need to do. So it might be worth it to run out for a bit and do what I gotta do.

But I want to stay here and not deal with humanity either. *frets*

I'm dressed, so I should just go and get back. Sooner I'm done sooner I can chat with LM on AIM.

In other news - Twilight has been on constant play either on my DVD player, or via the free download for my ipod. "listening" to it the way I do outside the house, I'm hearing nuance I missed in the theatre. I'm quite convinced Rob Patterson is a great actor and hopefully will have some better roles, and not be typecast. Also, that his character, Edward, needs a good hard bitchslapping, then he'd be an OK playmate. Rob really does whiny teenage angst pretty damn good. Let's hope he outgrows that tho. (also, he has a nice butt. And I feel old and dirty for saying it. *evil grin*)


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