Mar. 19th, 2009

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was buying a brand new copy of QuickBooks at BJs. There was a HUGE coupon and it ended today.The price of this has come down significantly in the past few years, but this coupon dragged the price into the "I can't afford NOT to buy this" range.

Now I don't have to upgrade for a LONG time, and also I never have to fear a computer crash again. At least where this is concerned.

(Where long time is at least 3 years, the company has been sunsetting their software pretty quickly, where sunset is defined as "Screw you we're not helping you recover your shit." Fortunately I don't trust anyone with my data so I've got backup stuff in order. Mostly. *grins* I need to make more room on my Portable Drive for up-backings.)

Otherwise, it was not a good day - filled with "CLEARLY I'm far too inept to do anything right." I get the feeling it's NOT me, but it's hard to handle when I'm in the middle of it. I'm getting a book from Swaptree I'm hoping will help me out. I know. Me, help books, but this one looks interesting, and might help me out some with my though processes. If not, I can trade it out again. *grins*

I need to sleep now, am tired. :(
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You know, I'd been wondering WHY the Twilight dvd was being released Saturday. Having other things on my mind it should have dawned on me sooner:

You can't do a midnight release party for a tween DVD on a school night.

(although it's been done for books before. *snerk*)

So I'm thinking if I'm up, I might take a cruise by either the local Borders, or, dog help me, the Snot Topic in the Maul, to see what's going on there. Although that seems just a wee it weird even for me *grins*

I don't actually want to BUY the dvd from one of those parties - they're charging too much *grins again* I'm hoping BJs will have it Saturday as well, for BJs prices. They became my go-to store for Harry Potter books; they always had huge pallets of them release day.

It's going to be some kind of crazy, I don't know what these stores are thinking. I'm certain the Maul will have extra rent-a-cops on hand to keep things unfun and in line. Ugh. That's sad a bit.
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the thing I needed to print, that I've gone out of my way to get toner for, that I've made FOOT STOMPING declarations of not having time and needing my space and I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE statements, in order to finish and print, that I finally would have some time and the printer toner to finish sometime later tonight.....

.....I did while waiting for someone to call, unable to do anything but and printed on someone else's dime and toner.


Seriously, I'd like whomever thinks it's funny to eff with my schedule, to cease and desist. KThanx.

(At least it's done, and I need to do a letter along with it, but now I can use my Sunday for other things and MAYBE have somewhat of a life.)


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