Mar. 15th, 2009

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So I posted last night, we exhausted enough to not be able to deal with digging out books (somehow all the books I needed are always in the box on the bottom) and retreated to bed. By midnight the lights were off and I was curled up in my favorite sleeping position with my favorite pillow and it was lights out.

Until 2AM.

Then I woke up needing to use the toilet which brought me WIDE awake. I did that and came back to bed. I actually had to turn on the TV because I was so awake. That didn't last long, I was feeling sleepy enough to not be able to get caught up in what meager tv offerings there were. So I turned it off, and rolled over again.

This time my hip HURT, and my left arm, which has been giving me odd twinges all week started doing it again. (I don't know what this is. It started happening a while ago, definitely before I made a trip to the Cape, because I'd commented on it to her and was told OH pinched nerve! Um OK no, but OW now. It's not all the time, it's nor predictable and it's for no reason. For example now I can move it in all directions and I'm all set. Later I won't be able to lift a heavy book. Then it'll be OK again. Yes I should get this looked at.)

And anyway, I was awake until almost 4AM. that's almost 2 hours. This morning when my alarm went off which had I slept I would have been great, I had to reset it for another hour and a half or so. Because I Just couldn't deal with it.

My plans, or hopes for the AM haven't come about, so I suppose it's OK I overslept. I have book stuff to do, I have personal accounting stuff to do and some projects to do. Then around 8ish I need to get ready to go out for the night since Chris' band is doing a show and CD release party and it's important I go.

I DID manage to do one thing right - I put the pork roast I bought into the slow cooker and it's been processing on Low all night. It is not a shoulder cut like last time, so I'm going to let it go a bit longer than recommended since it's also bigger. But then I'm going to finish off the ingredients and throw it back in so it's ready for late lunch/early dinner. IT'S SO GOOD IT HURTS! I have sub rolls for it too. Nom nom nom!

And I should make a run to Microcenter for some printer toner. My toner is faint, and I think a new cartridge is in order, but it's more expensive than the printer cost me! I'm going to try and shake the fucker first, and also order a refill, but still, a new one is needed at some point, might as well be now. Microcenter has it cheaper than I've seen around here, and possibly the least expensive of all the store I trust. Yes I can order it online for way less, but from a company I don't even know of. That's not worth about $20.

And.......I should get to it.


Mar. 15th, 2009 12:08 pm
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pulled pork is smelling SO GOOD! Adding the BBQ sauce For The Win!

Two more hours. Must get hauling.


Mar. 15th, 2009 01:59 pm
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that was only 18 books.

*dies in a lump*

What about when I actually start to SELL these books? I'm absolutely sure I will have a rush of boxloads, with how much I'm willing to sell them for. I MIGHT take my list to the local used book stores, see if they have any "want lists" working, that might be worth buying from my list, to fulfill their needs.

Ugh, I'm exhausted. Time for Pulled Pork!
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That's some GOOD PULLED PORK right there. I actually don't want any more, because I'm FULL from the one. That's a win.

Next time tho, I'm skipping the onions. M likes them, I do not and there's too many and they don't cook long enough to get soft and faded out. I know that's the POIN, to has the crunchy onions, but I don't like them.

I DO however like honeydew, and I have a new one to cut up and eat, which I will do for dessert later on. Once I'm done being full.

Stuff to do, stuff to do.

ETA - Lied *grins* Had another sammich. Too good for words. Melon later when I'm not exploding. Better with added dash of BBQ sauce, which isspicey as all getout. NOMNOMNOM!


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