Mar. 14th, 2009

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So a few weeks ago I was processing TONS f books/DVDs out the door, trading for items I really wanted. And, I figure it would peter out, and it did. To the point of Nothing Doing. Now since I've been busy, this is OK. But I noticed nothing was doing and thought it was weird even when I WENT to the site, there wasn't anything matched up. Oh well.

So then comes to early last week, when I swap came in. I put off answering it too long, and it ran out, causing my account to be put "on hold." I went online to answer it, so sorry, didn't get to it in time, my mistake, please resend the match. Then suddenly, I had ASSLOADS OF MATCHES. To the point of tomorrow ( was hoping for tonight but my energy has ended for the evening) I have 18 trades to send out. My max is 20, and I have two pending. HOLY SCHNIKES! I might put my account BACK on hold, then restart it in two weeks right before the weekend. It's all the prepping and digging out of books I never get to. Maybe I can ask M to do it for me.

Anyway, that's more books I want coming in. I need to think about how this will work. I plan on putting up my lists, but I also need to split out some of the later dates, in order to take them to the used store and trade them in for credit to get the few I want that aren't appearing on the Swap site.

Ice cream is calling me as is bed. Sad this, but I'm going out tomorrow night.


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