Mar. 6th, 2009

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and I'm nowhere near my closet!

What do I wear tonight?

- I was going to go with an old standby, a long skirt, with one of my lacey tops, probably the purple one, and one of my chub arm covering coats/tops.

- BUT that doesn't seem, I don't know, moody enough. Like I should be wearing flowy sleeve-ery things. So I could stick with the same skirt, and one of my other tops that has bell sleeves. OR the one that looks like a faux con fairy would wear - fake strechy velvet to be sure, but comfy. I would however have to forgo the New Rocks of Doom, since they are purple and I'd be going with a different color combo.

- THEN the other voice says "but we want to wear the New Rocks!" and now I need to work around THAT as well. I could go with another standby, and wear my multi tiered skirt with one of my purple tops.

- BUT that requires my corset and I'm not sure I'm doing that. Also, I'd like to hair some extensions to that, and - well time is against me tonight. I COULD go all out, and get there at 11:45. :(

SO - help me out - what are you thinking about wearing? if people are "dressing" and I mean Hell night on a long weekend Friday dressing, I'll consider going more out. IF you're all wearing black jeans and Ts I'm SO NOT! hehehe.


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