Mar. 2nd, 2009

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to my mother - which will be addressed to her once a call is made.

Um - WHY did you ever choose to put the particular bulbs in the bathroom you did? In rapid succession, two bulbs have blown very recently, so thanks to today's snow which gave me some free time I wasn't thinking I would have we ran to Home Despot to get new ones. We picked out clear, not soft bulbs. I ended up replacing all four (also mental note for me - EW on the dust level on the bulbs. Next time, I need to clean the fixtures as well!) and the difference is actually between Night and Day.

So what the hell? Some of the improvements I've endeavored to make in the house have had huge impact, like using the newer brighter bulbs in all the fixtures, and having way way WAY more light in the whole house.

And also, I was able to prep a crock pot recipe from the book that screamed at me "BUY ME!" when I was last being naughty at Target. There are no less than 3 chili recipes in this book, in varying times of prep and cooking. This one required about $5 more in ingredients than I had in the house, not including the ground turkey, but I will be buying more supplies in order to keep the ingredients needed to turkey and an onion next time. Brown the onions and turkey together, open all the rest in CANS, dump in crock pot, leave on high and $PROFIT$! I even had the spices on hand! Plus I added about 2 handfuls of corn, three bean types and turkey chili. I bought some more white rice (which I'm trying to not keep in the house) and it will be SUPER NUMMY over buttery rice later on.

I might go through this book and pick out recipes I like, and make a shopping list of pantryable ingredients, so when I get the urge or only have a half hour, I can pop out for the fresh and pull the rest from my pantry. OR pick up the fresh at night, let cook overnight then pack up for lunch. Yum yum yum!

at least, make a list so I can pick up ingredients while out. That almost didn't happen yesterday. And I never go around to making it because of Chinese food overload.

Anyway, house puttering and some projects I've been putting off soonish. I also need to do laundry, which I should also get to sooner rather than later.
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I'm finally doing some laundry. I did a WHOLE PILE of a few weeks ago and YES I DO have enough undies and socks to get through a solid month without laundry (and other clothes. I've been trying to wear all the new things I got from Freecycle to see if they work.) I ran down to the laundry room, which is incidentally directly beneath my room, and threw in two loads. We have three pay washers and 4 pay dryers in my building. I typically DO NOT take up all three washers, usually I don't have that much stuff, but usually I like to leave one open. It's been pretty quiet all day, I've only seen one other person doing laundry.

I admit, I got sucked into the black snuggle hole that is my warm bed, and a truly horrifying set of baby shows, but I finally got rolling downstairs. I hear the washers running and think "great some asshat touched my undies I"ll bet. Mostly my fault for not going down soon enough OK, but still cranky." I get to the room and lo and behold one of my washers has been emptied. The non-undie one, fortunately. Oddly, it seems to be the only one running.

I then realize that someone has bypassed the empty, unused, cover still open washer, to take my clean WET clothes out of their "preferred" washer, dumped them on the dirty surface, and used the washer. Let me repeat - not using the empty and unoccupied washer to go through the trouble of dumping my wet clean clothes close to the dryers.


I want to go down there in a bit, because I'm better than leaving their washer open so the cycle doesn't finish, or going down later and turning their dryers off (plus since my clothes are still down there don't want to cause any retaliation until after I'm done) and see who it is. And look them in the eye and say "Oh, so YOU"RE the OCD asshat who couldn't use the empty washer and instead had to manhandle my clothes. It's neighbors like you that have me going to the LAUNROMAT instead of using the laundry in my own building. Now I know which one you are, so I can avoid you."

I swear if I weren't snowed in I WOULD have gone to my preferred Mat. Which is a good 20 minutes ride away, but is open til midnight, still takes quarters instead of stupid cards, and is usually reasonably quiet.



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