Feb. 28th, 2009

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and I sir, am weak. *snerk* BUT, I might have put my fingers on some things.

Last night I made the mistake of grabbing a book that looked "interesting" off my bookshelf, and plowed through it. I'm not sure if it was new or not, I might not have read it on my trip, or if I did I whipped through it as fast as I did last night. Not a fine piece of literature, but it's without my usual diet of horny slutty Vampires, so it's a step up (and no, I'm not talking about Twilight either. I have MUCH better vampire porn than that.)

However, this means I was up til around 2AM inadvertently. Ugh for getting up and moving today. BUT, as I tried to get comfortable, I realized two things, ok more like three.

- that someone in the apartment above me clearly had just arrived home, and her preparations for bed were REALLY FUCKING loud. As in moving furniture loud. I should let the asshat downstairs neighbors hearTHIS noise.

- that I was REALLY FUCKING HOT, and getting hotter, and I knew for a fact that the heat was turned down, I specifically turned it down, and was awake to know that I had.

- and, that it was the usual time I'd been waking up. hot as hell, and unable to sleep for an hour.

What I think, is this - something is up with the heat. Maybe the upstairs people are cranking it up before bed, then DOWN, maybe something is kicking in. I have a feeling it goes with this bitch who comes home at 2Am and makes all the noise. Because I think THAT'S what wakes me up. Not the noise itself, but it disturbs me enough that I emerge from sleep to figure out WTF, but by the time I wake up completely it's silent because she's in bed. By then it's hot and I'm not comfortable so I wake all the way up to handle it.

What's weird is I tossed and turned for about a half hour, then suddenly, the temp dropped, to where I was chilled, I wrapped up in my blankies and went right out. Even my pillow felt like it was on fire, and I have a specific cooling side sleeper pillow from Ikea (best Thing Ever!) it's foam, it doesn't heat up, it has that lumpy bit that give support to my neck. My back aches have improved considerably since I got this. And last night it felt like it had rocks in it - hot rocks - until the temp dropped.

I SO need to buy myself a portable AC unit for this summer. Sleep would be nice.

Anyway, so now I need to figure out a way around this. The noise doesn't bother me so much, I frankly would go right back to sleep, or not even emerge completely if it weren't for the heat. THAT I need to ask about.

And I also have stuff to do today, so getting movin it is. More later.


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