Feb. 22nd, 2009

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Or why I should clean my room (and probably my kitchen) and KEEP them clean, but at least before I go shopping.

My contacts are feeling a bit widgey, so I thought to replace them this week. I go to my stash, and find - one pair of disposable contacts left. Confusion sets in - I had several pairs I took with me to the UK and don't recall using so many. (I take both my glasses and extra contacts in my carry on. I'm sorry, I'm too afraid to be blind in a foreign country with no way to get more to do anything else. I also carry ALL pertinent paperwork and ID, nothing BUT NOTHING is put in my checked luggage, except a copy of my personal itinerary, and lists of my name and the names of my contacts. One would presume, that if encountering my luggage, one of the people on my list will be able to give what info is necessary.)

On the list for today was to have been a run to BJs to order more, To the BJs that I don't usually frequent anymore being filled with old people and bad parking. Which made me cranky. Plus having to find the money for contacts, which has to happen before May anyway. I'm supposed to have my next exam this May and without my old insurance I'm debating whether or not to return to my old doctor's office. Where non-insurance, should I still not have enough coverage for that will run me $150 to step in the doors. But, since they do the laser surgery on site, and I want to establish a base to consider the laser treatment, it seemed like a good idea when it was a $25 copay. HOWEVER I'm not too thrilled about never seeing the same doctor, about their casual dismissal of things that are concerning me, in order to turn me out for another patient, AND the fact that the last time I went I actually had a person I know running the measuring part of the exam - and last time I saw her gave me a great manicure for a wedding. Examining my eyes. Ho-kay.

ANYWAY, while I was gathering things for cleaning, and deciding on what to wear, and putting away a few more things I stumbled across - I found two additional pairs of contracts. Mixed in with some things that also had gone to the UK. Score!

So No new contacts for me to purchase, for now, I can wait another month or two, but still new contacts for me to wear tomorrow. Yay!

And now I need to get dressed and go run some other errands. Because that run was only one of a few.


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