Feb. 19th, 2009

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Dear DSW online,

I'm sure you know that marketing sexy shoes to chicks via email, with their lively and seductive loveliness , works in ways multiplied by 10. I'm absolutely sure the email I just got with your new shoes in stock will have some women squeeing in delight and getting the keys for a quick run at lunch.

however, for me, and some women who have a thought process, it's annoying. Why? Because here it's freezing out. And here it snowed yesterday.

SO SHOWING ME GOLDEN FLIPFLOPS and telling me SPRING BREAK IS HERE! and I need to get out and get the good ugly thing sandals before they're gone!

makes me stabby and annoyed.

No love, FU very much,

my Doc Martin wearin because it's cold and icky out self

(as an aside, I used to work with a girl who wore flip flops all winter. She also lived with Mummy and Daddy, thought she was a grown up because she had to do DISHES as her keep, and spent her entire paycheck on knock off purses because Mummy and Daddy have already promised to buy her a house when she gets married so she doesn't need savings. She was also by far the dumbest, lack of sense woman I have ever met. Bonuses for her looking at me like I was a freak, and interrupting me anytime I opened my mouth because there's NO WAY I would have anything useful to say. Yeah. Right. 10 degrees, you're wearing flip flops and complaining it's cold in the office. And _I'M_ the freak.)


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