Feb. 15th, 2009

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*checks clock*

it's 11:30 AM as I start this.

- Last night I was just "done" early, so I was in bed and not tempted by the books at my bedside (my week has been full of excellent vampire smut, and some new tween vampire smut which is like Twilight only less sparkly. It's like eating one of those mini-burgers for my reading palate, not very challenging and just enough qo whet my appetite. But I digress) I ended up blowing off Bleach , which I can download, and turned off lights andTV at about 12:15. Unheard of, but I've been running on a deficit all week, I figured it caught up to me.

- I decided to set my alarm for 9AM, giving myself ample time to "sleep in" while not straying too far from my schedule. I don't know if I heard something else or what, but I was awake and aware minutes before the alarm, and tv hit on at 9. I was really close to getting up as the 9:15 alarm went off. That's my system, there are two alarms, and the TV, and usually I'm comin up at the second alarm, and able to get up after that. I was out of bed, hmmmm, around 9:30.

- flipped channels, read email and LJ, and PostSecret, as is my Sunday morning want. I then decide it's the PERFECT time for pancakes, with chocolate chips, like I've been wanting.

- now by 11, I've made batter, cooked pancakes, and cleaned up a wreck of a kitchen. MAGICALLY it makes a mess of itself, after I scrub it to my levels of clean (nothing out, crumbs gone, no dirty dishes in the sick or anywhere, preferably in the dishwasher, with it running, but that depends on how full it is) cleaned up after my pancakes. I sit to eat, come BACK, clean up leftovers, load the last of the dishes and stuff and start the dishwasher.

now I haven't had coffee, because mine is terrible, and I'm out of real KCups (thanks to someone using them all up when we ran out of real coffee, and them being too expensive for me to buy at the time.) but I think I'm going to treat myself to a big iced coffee later. I need to strip my bed, and pack up everything for a trip to my favorite laundromat. Everything needs washing, and this is just the easiest and most efficient way to do it all. I need groceries too, some bread and sammich stuff I can get on the way home, and tomorrow. I should also cook some chicken tonight, with brown rice for lunch tomorrow. I'm ALSO hoping to stop at CVS and get some hair dye. I'm noticing the greys are back, and I have brown tint. HELL NO! *grins*

THEN hopefully I get all this done before tonight, because [livejournal.com profile] dredpiratebunny is frothing for a dance night, so we should be going out to Fallout at Machine. I'm going to be WRECKED tomorrow, but it'll be worth it.

So RIGHT THEN, can't stay chattering at you people all day! While Rock of Love Bus is on I'm going to get dressed and organized for the laundry run, then go as soon as it's over. Hopefully back by 4!


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