Feb. 14th, 2009

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Has it, my goth card.

I have, I think, redeemed myself from the incident of a few weeks ago, wherein I bought a pearl/gray colored coat for the spring/fall. It was on super mega markdown, and is totally worth it, since I am really trying to cultivate an image of "Hi, I'm a professional and I know what I'm doing. And I like Ponies. And boys in skirts." (OK maybe not so much the last parts for work per se, but mommy hasn't bought new clothes in a while.)

But given that it's still fucking ass cold out, this coat can't be worn yet. it'll be a saucy addtion to my spring wardrobe, but what the hell to do now? I've been wearing the hoodie I got at my former employer, but it's a hoodie, it's seen better day and I've been unable to find a patch significantly evil yet passive enough for me to slap over the GIANT logo on it. If I was still wearing it to work it can't say "Fuck you you fucking fuck" although the temptation was great.

Well I've been supplementing my wardrobe somewhat, a few pieces I needed to replace, and a sweater from one of the outlet mall stores, and a new purse for winter/spring to get my purse out of my hands and onto my shoulder. (In my defense on this, because I needed to, I gave away most of the purses that would have suited this idea, and I really needed to free up my hands. I might start using a professional bag I have in my storage for carrying lunch and books I need, and this purse will be professional yet saucy. And I'll switch it out later into he season Finally - even tho I bought it from one of the leather stores and it's leather, it was cheaper than the purse I wanted in Target. Super Mega Markdowns FTW!)

I decided I needed up add to my unmentionables collection, and didn't like the kind at the outlet mall. So I went to a real Lane Bryant to get them, knowing they had the exact kind I liked, and that was worth the added cost (which would have been all of $3) They ALSO are having a Super MegaMarkdown Fest. And I find - another coat. THIS one is made of warmer material, with buttons, a belt (which is too large, I think it might be for a different coat, but hello, markdown) and it's peacoat style. It was also 70% off original price.

This one, thankfully is ALL BLACK. I had been considering one on the website, but this one doesn't have the vinyl accents (I hate that trend, it feels cheap. I've seen good vinyl, I have issues Almost ALL the purses I looked at yesterday were all cheap vinyl, you could have gotten better at WalMart. Ugh) Plus it's warm and smart.

it DOES need an attack with a lint roller. :) but all in all I'm pleased.

Now I need to re-evaluate my sweaters and coats. I have this full length swing coat I haven't' worn since I was commuting, because it's way too warm for driving but I almost think I should keep it, it might come in handy. but then really, I need to look at all the rest.


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