Feb. 10th, 2009

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According to the afternoon DJ, the local Goth community is a bunch of whiners, who have no fun and no life, who just want to RUIN GOOD FUN for everyone else. And we should come out, stop stuffing our fat faces (done in a "nerdy goth voice") and have a good time FOR ONCE IN OUR LIVES.

Because the local community have emailed, and said they're disappointed we're not using a REAL goth DJ.

(before anyone asks me WHERE this is, I heard Big Jim saying it, while out getting stamps, no more than half hour ago, while giving away tickets. The radio was on. I'm sure if you call and ask he'll be happy to tell you what he thinks of the fat stupid local goth commmunity. And he'll throw beer on you for not having a good time.)

No mention of how it's potentially offensive, or insulting. OH and we all just wear black, and whiteface, and look like the Crow.

SO I'm going to post better thoughts, and a potential email to the station later when I'm not at work. But you can bet I'm _NOT_ going, and honestly, I'm sure I can find a streaming radio station to listen to that will be better supported. I'll miss Leftover Lunch, but other stations do it, and better, and maybe I won't have to hear MGMT EVERY FIVE DAMN SECONDS.

And maybe, we should have a White Hat, it's all Backwards night. And call it "Just An Alternative (Radio) night, nothing to be offended about, you big baby loser!"

(PS the DJ MIGHT be OK - Charlie has a rep for loving the goth music. However, a night of Ministry, NIN, and Marilyn Manson does not a Goth Night Make. MAYBE this could be, I don't know, AUTHENTIC, and show just what kind of fun we DO have? Maybe?)


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