Feb. 5th, 2009

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Dear local post office, and mail man - eat a dick. Yes I'm getting packages, NO they don't all need to be signed for. Traffic, parking and human asshats around your building make picking up packages all but impossible, when there isn't feet of snow piled up. Just Leave The Damn Things!

WHY can't I live just about 2 houses down? THEN I'd be in another town, whose post office is in a nice mall, with plenty of parking, and is open 24 hours for mailings. I do all my shipping out of this one.

In other news, I just poked about reading more articles on the plane that did the river landing in the Hudson, and that pilot is the shiznit. They released the tapes of the cockpit conversations, and traffic controllers kept saying "Which runway do you want? Which runway is best, you tell us" and the pilot kept saying, calm as anything "Yeah, uh, we'll be in the Hudson. Can't do. Can't Do. Can't make it , negative, we're going to the Hudson" I'm sorry it's HYSTERICAL to hear the controllers saying "What? Say again?" *lol* (this wouldn't be so funny if people had died, but my next flight I hope former RAF pilots are flying the BA bird, because military trains em right.)

I have paperwork to do today, which I'm getting to, then a movie later. I hope. If I'm not done with my paperwork, it's back to it. It's costing me my weekend, but it's worth it.


Feb. 5th, 2009 07:46 pm
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some poor choices on my part are going to cost me. And it was all unnecessary.
it's already cost me my movie tonight, but I'm at peace with that. More to come I'm sure, in the fallout.
Fuck me gently with a chain saw, Heather.

the moral of the lesson kids? Procrastination is Dumb. Don't Be That Guy.



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