Jan. 29th, 2009

The Hell?

Jan. 29th, 2009 11:53 am
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I was about to complain that Yahoo is acting like a big poop today and Thunderbird was unable to DL messages. Since this never happens, even when the Intertubes is all complaining about it, I knew something was up. While this window was loading I followed my hunch and found, yes indeedy, Yahoo has changed the POP server name. A quick change up in Thunderbird and *wham* emails. Not ONE WORD about this, it just happened. Luckily I'm one of those who knows just enough, or this post would be all "NERDS UNITE - I can't get my emails won't SOMEONE please think of the emails and help??!?!?!"

In other news Sad Panda is just a bit stiff from last night's pizza tumble, but I don't think I require my litter and the German Strongmen. They are sobbing efficiently in the corner. I promised I'd play with them later, but right now they are efficiently inconsolable.

And I had another question for the Internet that I answered myself, oddly enough with the help of the Boston Phoenix I've been having Facebook issues - where I don't know if I want to poke someone from my past. A bit ago it was my Prom Date, whose friendship kinda crashed and burned and I actually haven't been ever quite sure why. In the past week it's been someone more recent, whom I was friends with who dropped me from their life quite abruptly, planning a meeting for early Sunday morning (during tax season) who unexplainedly didn't show up, never answered my call saying "hey let's reschedule I'm sure something came up" and who dropped all electronic contract with me. I have to assume personal damage, our personal pasts and the new girl At The Time all conspired to a "I can't be around you" vibe (and for those playing along at home, it's not who you think. THAT door I slammed shut in his face, this is someone else. I promise)

I've discovered him on Facebook, and the connection is pretty much closer than I had guessed, but should have. And again, there's a bit of "hey I KNOW you must have stumbled across me too" hurt going on. But hell NO am I contacting him. I'm not dumb - you want to shove me out for whatever reason, I'm not coming crawling around (even if our mutual friends go "where were you? What do you mean he said you have nothing in common anymore?" I'm seriously amused by some peoples antics, but those people don't bother me)

it's the article I read in our *ahem* "library" that made it clear. The story was about rediscovering the ex that changed your life, and stomped on your heart for good measure, 10 years later when you have few mutual friends and nothing in common. Now I'm not saying there was heart stomping, but certainly my pride and my feelings were bruised. I JUST DON'T NEED that back, you know? Not enough to go looking for it.

I guess I'm saying - there are very few doors that are closed and locked. (some with padlocks and do not enter, etc) and there are some that are not that secure. Some high school people that I wouldn't mind chatting with, some old work connections I wouldn't mind. There are some doors that I won't be opening, but if the other side knocks, and peers in, I'll say Hihowareyou, and be receptive to it. My Prom Date is one. The Serial Life Runner is another. *shrugs* it's not like anything WRONG was done, it's just human nature to be touchy.

Ugh - speaking of bad connections tho - I usually attend a friend's husband's band's gigs (did you follow that?) and he's in the band with a guy I went to high school with. Nice enough guy, casual acquaintance, didn't' torture me in school, now has ZOMG problems with horrible women. I've joined the Facebook stuff, and it appears that EVERY GIRL I GRADUATED HIGH SCHOOL with will be attending the next show. Which is at one of the worst dives on the South Shore, and one I promised I would NEVER go to again (after seeing B's brother in the Aerosmith tribute band Draw The Line. See I DO have some cred. *grins*) BUT Band Member's wife is one of the few people whom if I called, would drop everything to help me, and vice versa, so for HER I will go. That crazy bitch. *grins* She better be prepared to drink and be catty with me. I probably should arrange my own redheaded entertainment. Hopefully my hetero-lifemate will be willing to go with me.

ANYWAY - stuff to do before Shenanigans.
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Since I had a lot of swaps, I decided to make use of the in-website postage generator. I think it overestimates and honestly I think the tracking is stupid - normally I don't put it on - but *shrugs* I figured what the hell, that the extra cost was worth the hassle save.


- I realized after I had done half that I would have to mail them from my home post office, with no parking, rather than one of the surrounding towns auto postage drop boxes. It was setup to mail from here. That pissed me off. But I went and dropped them, a bit late, but into the box after hours.

- I then had to make another run the next day because of more swaps accepted. Annoyance factor to 11 thanks to excessive coldness.

- THEN I get in my mailbox a cryptic note from the mailman. I literally cannot read it. Either it says I have a package waiting that needs postage, or I've got that antibiotic prescription for my next tooth infection.

- between being busy and some large amounts of snow, I didn't get to the post office until today. You know, the one with no parking, now with no sidewalks thanks to snow and pedestrians walking in the middle of the road. BUT I finally make it

- only to be handed back more than HALF my packages make that just under half, thanks to insufficient postage. None of the packages are my arriving late packages, one of which cost me a dvd, and I'm anxiously awaiting, and I'm pretty sure the person doing the swap didn't feel like mailing it. I.E. - I'm out a DVD and postage. They're about 30 seconds away from a bad review.

So NOW I need to add postage to the damn things and remail. I'm not sure how to do this, I might just go to my friendly neighborhood auto postal center, buy the damn things there exact change and drop them in the nearest box. I will NEVER EVER EVER use the website's postage labelling again, and I need to write a big complaint letter before I can mail them. Which I really don't have time or patience for right now.



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