Jan. 20th, 2009

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I am watching it, but I don't feel the need to comment ATM.

I was working on my book recording project last night, and some of this afternoon. So not ALL of the afternoon, probably been in it for about 3 hours now. I am going to try and continue this through the evening, although I DO need to run a load of laundry. We are out of cute panties, and most of you on my FL knows this means I've entered "I need to do laundry" granny panty areas of my undies drawer. Ugh.

Anyway, I have in my to sell list over 400 books. They are currently in 7 white storage boxes. My keeper/want list is around 500. they are spread through my room, and one bookcase in the living room. Also, there are two other short bookcases that have the kids and travel books I haven't scanned yet.

I have 20 more of the white boxes to go through, for keeping and selling. Also, I need to review my to get rid of list for any authors that I might want. My goal is to read or in some cases REread the books, then add the ones I don't want to keep to my get rid of list, and also potentially add to the want list with anything in a series I haven't completed yet.

Between all this there's NO WAY I should be buying anything new that isn't on a VERY short list (read about 10 books) of brand new that are continuing a series that I'm wanting to read. The next Laurell Hamilton farie smut book comes to mind.

so if 400 books are contained in about 6.5 boxes (one box is just hardcovers) what the HELL are in another 20????

Yeah, I'm very daunted, but I'm trying to continue. Meeps. I can't believe it, even though I'm right in the middle of it. If I sold them even for a quarter apiece, I could probably pay for a vacation!
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that's a lot of smut. And this will tell you where I spent my misspent youth - in a book, and probably a bad one.

My sell list is at 566 books. I'm not sure how many dups are on the list, I've run out of cope with this for one day. My goal is to add ONE box per day, every day, maybe two on Saturday and Sunday, until they're all on somewhere. This will be less than a half hours work and something I can and will do.

Geeks Ahoy - there is a box of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms, and another box of Star Trek books coming. I haven't decided WHAT to do with those just yet, but chances are I will put them up on the list and sell/swap, or offer to sell in bulks. I'm making an effort to keep all the Dark Elf books because Drizzt is the shiznizzle.

My keeper list is at 665. Now this includes items I "want" which are on my swap lists. This number is disgusting and needs to be E) shaved. Again in my defense - once I rearrange things and eliminate any dups, these should all fit in one bookcase.

We're having a pizza emergency (as in we want pizza and there's nothing else in the house that can be prepped with what staples we have. I need milk and bread, and there's a cold cut run coming. Maybe Ikea for lunch tomorrow!) so I'm waiting for that, then I might have my OCD work on alphabetizing the books staying by Author. Then I can really see what I have and start in on the piles. I'm planning on doing a lot of reading, since I really need to stay home and rest.

Anyway, it's still ongoing, but I'm pleased with the progress so far.


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