Jan. 19th, 2009

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It seems I have duplicate HARDCOVER BOOKS in my collection. This irritates me to NO END because chances are I paid full cover price for them, and I already frakking had them. GRAGH!

I'm well on my way to making more lists. I believe I have most of my "adult reading" books covered. I have travel and kids books to do, but those are waiting. I want to chat with Teh Unit about packaging up the little girls books and sending them to my Niece. The Nancy Drews should be in the hands of someone who will be reading and enjoying them, but unlike me, none of my siblings, cousins or their children have a respect for the items. I would RATHER a little girl or boy have some of these who DOES have a respect for the books. I should also chat with my aunt about them - supposedly some are hers. And I do have a couple of boxes in the closet I need to bring down and put in the bookcases, so I'm ill prepared there.

No - my eyes are on the boxes of books I want gone, or reclaimed. I'm utilizing the software to show me what I have and have not read. I'm plowing through the list as if I've never read any of them, in order to read series through. Once I'm done, I'm going to get rid of them, at least I hope. That's the point. If I like all the books (there's one series not leaving for example) I will keep them for rereading, but I'm not just going to keep for the sake of keeping. That can't happen anymore.

So I also think I need to find some space on the Interwebs to put my lists up for trading/giveaway, and for loaning. I might have some stuff you like that you'd like to read but can't seem to find them. They shouldn't sit dusty and unloved. really.

And I can see holes in my collection - as in books I KNOW I have that I don't want to re-get. They must be in the boxes. I wonder how many old friends are in there that I can reclaim and reread! Wheeeee!

Anyway, more later as I work through.


Jan. 19th, 2009 11:18 pm
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I own an excessive amount of smut.

MY level of excessive. Meep.

*blushes* wow. I'm quitting for the night, I smell like old books in a bad way and my throat is full of dust.


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