Jan. 18th, 2009


Jan. 18th, 2009 01:21 pm
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The Internet is boring when the geeks are playing at the con.

It's been a bit quiet over here. Ramping up to the Season. I spent yesterday (and there was a post my my phone acted up and the battery gave me the finger before it could hit and I lost it) at a local Tax Seminar highlighting changes to this year. I probably should have gone before this, I didn't know about one major change to a Kiddie Tax thing that happened LAST year. Ugh. CPA #1 wouldn't have been pleased with that. It screws with one of her clients. There's also lots and lots of debt forgiveness stuff - people don't know that's actually income. Yesterday when I explained it to L he was horrified. It's like "Lose your home, have an extra parting gift of Fuck You." hehehehe.

But seriously, it was where old CPAs go to die and network. Lots of clusters of popular kids giggling through the whole thing, going to lunch together and pissing me off. Then there was the ONE OLD GUY who kept saying' Explain this" and "Answer that" and "what did she say?" and "Can you repeat that?" It was like he was alone in the room with the constant chatter from him. There's always one and when he's old and cantankerous, well it sucked. I wanted to punch him in his smelly face, but I didn't. All in all I came out of it with a binder of good info, and also chatted with CPA #2's wife (being one of the few non-old non-CPAs there) who told me about some changes she's instituting in the office paperwork wise, and also confirming that last tax season, in a word, sucked. He also lost, or well he moved on it wasn't bad, his usual employee, so I think there's more for me to do, and he's probably THANKING some personal deity I'm available part time hours this season. I'll work as much as he gives me, especially once I surrender and realize I need to work long hours. I need to set aside some time for personal clients but honestly this time of year I think "NO I CAN HAS a life!" so it's a bit distracting. I just need to get into the flow.

Today I'm snowed in, which is good. I think I want to dig into my books, because there are some I know I have and I need to find them. Also, I am TEH HUNGRY and should find some food and also put some in the crocking pot for later. Hmmm chicken and veggies! I'm hoping to retain Sundays for myself, to do things like shop and cook and plan for the week, pay my own bills, do housekeeping, etc. I DO need to do laundry today but I'm torn. I want to wait until the snow is over so I can wash everything, but then again the laundry room is empty. Most people have tomorrow off, so it might be quiet around here, once I get home.

Anyway, time to poke about, back laters. Have some entertainment for me by then!!


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