Jan. 9th, 2009

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I have stuff to do,

First - publicly - I've got a PT job for the tax season with a new accountant. This has every chance to be a great opportunity, she's in need of help and I'm in need of feeling good about my life. I'm not sure how much this is panning out to yet. That means my full time job is gone, and the less the said here about that the better. I wasn't happy, and I'm leaning back towards working for myself, except I need to NOT make some mistakes like I did last time.

Including being lazy.

So right now I need to:

- Shower and dress. Yes this needs to be on the list :)

- prep some packages for Swaptree shipping. I'm back on that, because I want some new books and this is infinitely cheaper. Although some people are rude. The Twilight author has another book, and someone had it for trade. I offered up a special edition of a DVD, this cost me as much as the book did, but NO she turned it down. Flat. I was offended. I understand wanting something "worth" what you're giving up, but sheesh man!

- head over to the local Newbury to sell the last of the CDs/DVDs I deem saleable. I have some to go up on LJ/VG that are "goff" but these others are more mainstream. if they don't sell they're going on Swaptree - ETA - meh, about $13, and I ended up using the machine & one of my cards at the PO - good news, cash back.

- the sale money is for me picking up the final Twilight book = Breaking Dawn, so I don't use any of my hoarded paycheck money IF I can find a Borders that has it. Wow, that's actually been hard! I will settle for a Target, each place has the cheapest price this side of Amazon. ETA - ZOMG - this is getting it's own entry. Suffice it to say Borders can eat a dick.

- Also the cash will be used to ship my Swaptree items, hopefully the PO will not be super busy. welllll - used a card to get cash back. Plus no human interaction. I love that machine. Money now for groceries.

- If there's anything left I might pick myself up some ice cream, and we could use some fresh chicken, or ground turkey. I also need gas but I'm not sure where that is coming from today. - ETA - need to do this laters

- ETA - I also need to hit the dollar store. I need drainable soap dishes for my LUSH goodies from Xmas. I know that sounds silly, and dollar store plastic for LUSH - inconceivable! But I just want something for them to rest on that has some drainage so they dry. What I've got now won't be conductive to this. spending $2 on this is an investment. If I don't find them at the dollar store, it'll be off to the local Chinese Marketplace where more temptation is (anyone looning for Bento Boxes should poke me, this place is overflowing with them and I can take you there anytime!)

- when I get home from that, I REALLY need to get to my sales items. I'd like to send some to Velvet Garden, and stuff that doesn't go there up to Ebay. I'd like to have a list prepped for next week's postings, I need to make some money before I can post more up. *sighs* But it'll work out.

- I also have more boxes that need going through with more of an eye on donations. I have books I want to put away, and I should start up on the lists of books to sell, but one thing at a time, eh! I think I'm going to start tackling books tomorrow, and hopefully I can get a list up to the web tomorrow, so I can email the booklist I'm a part of on Sunday, when I'm scheduled.

OK - it's not getting done sitting here. I has coffee, I need to finish it, putter a bit then get moving. Preferably before the local high school gets out. UGH traffic!


Jan. 9th, 2009 04:51 pm
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So, I know I can be all kinds of reactist. But a few things happened while I was out running errands that I've got a few WTF moments.

Is it bad parenting? )

Lady, your voice is LOUD )

No about people, but how stores are horrible )

More later.
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Just want to pick someone up by the scruff of their neck, give them a good shake and say:


I'm not even asking for Queen's English. OR Perfect English. We all have misspellings, and we all have that one DAMN RULE we never remember no matter how hard we try (mine has to do with I before E - some words I just never spell right the first time out)

But JEEBUS! I shouldn't need a dictionary or a SP33K to English translation to understand a GD Myspace entry!

GAH! These are not stupid people dammit!


Jan. 9th, 2009 10:59 pm
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is made of SO MUCH WIN it hurts to talk.

Some people are sparkly (and not vampires) and brilliant and I WOULD have lots of naughtiness with them. JUST for being brilliant.


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