Jan. 4th, 2009

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tonight was the usual end of holiday party for myself and a small group of friends. We've taken in previous years to do this as a Secret Santa thing. Which worked ou because we're all not wealthy and getting meaningful gifts for everyone was damn hard, and what if you didn't do as much for someone, there was starting to be hurt feelings. So there was Adult Time and it started falling to El to do some secret santa-ing.

This year we used Elfster to help secretly pick the person, and collate lists. Now I felt weird about that, but then MINE specifically asked me what the hell I wanted. And I knew it would default to Lush Stuff I can't use lacking a clean tub, so I started with "hey I like LUSH stuff, but" and that got specific. I felt bad about that but GOOD that I gave someone some guidance. I added to that some books I didn't have, and then why the hell not, follow it up with my Amazon list, so you can see what I'm into right now.


I got:
- Eclipse, which is the third Twilight book, I now only do not have the 4th book, which I can rectify later, and I had a long conversation about the next books which re-ignites my wanting to read them (also lots of use of I doubt your Commitment to Sparkle Motion. Hee hee!)
- Solid hair shampoo for my hair from LUSH which I've wanted to try
- a nice big bar of NON-patchouli scented soap that is something new to try. It's also a friends favorite soap which I didn't' know about.

All things I WANTED that my santa (who was Deb this year, yay!) was able to get and know I'd like. I was more happy SHE was happy. *grins*

Of course MINE - Mina - never MADE a list and I never asked. BUT my handmade necklace and earrings, along with the neat book that's very steampunk reclaimed items style went over very well indeed. I think we have a date to go thrifting and crafting.

So - it was a nice night and I'm stuffed and I have a new book! It's always better with books! I might point some people to my Amazon list unabashedly next birthday. It amuses me to make people buy me Vampire Smut. *snicker*
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Today is a day for spending in Teh Bed. We're already on that, and I think I'm relocating the laptop back there. I has anime to watch, or maybe I can move the portable drive closer to.

And later, do I watch a PBS production of Tess of the D'Urbevilles, or Rock of Love Bus? Decisions, decisions.


ETA - wow, it sounds like Tess is REALLY FUCKING DEPRESSING, so Rock of Love Bus it is. I mean, Jane Austen gets dark, Persuasion is so sad in spots until Anne gets her voice back, but it's not depressing.


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