Jan. 3rd, 2009

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why does everything happen all at once?

Hey, this actually turned out to be long and boring! Read at your own risk. )
I have to get moving, I want to make a big lunch so I'm not totally hungry laters, and I have a few things to do before I go out tonight.
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for reminding me I've lost track of time again (thanks Kit!)

The 11th Doctor has been announced, and I'm a bit surprised too.

yes I agree )
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I spent, oh, about an hour and half whipping up a gift for this afternoon. it didn't work entirely the way I wanted it (R - I didn't use the fabric or lace. it wasn't right, and I needed some more materials. Like Glue *grins* The idea is still in my mind, but I need some more work at it) but I used some stuff from my "I think she'll like this" small box that I collected while I was sorting through the findings jungle, and _I_ like it. I think it will be received very well.

Most of my time was getting around what I wasn't sure I should do, and fixing some errors. I'd really like to be able to sit down at a work table or flat surface and really get this out of me. I should just make things I like, then when I don't need them I can turn around and sell them. And remaking things isn't bad, I can find out where I effed up. I might treat myself at the end of the Season to a nice big order from Fire Mountain, mostly backings and supplies as opposed to beads. I really want to make that net pattern, and I should work on that.

Now I need to check on AIM, wrap said items then shower and head off to the party where HOPEFULLY someone isn't angry at me. Seems my being selfish and trying to handle my own stuff isn't sitting well with some, who think I'm their answer board. I don't have the answers for ME, I can't have the answers for someone else, and I'm getting the distinct impression that my lack of answers is directing the angry MY way. And I'm just not able to handle that. I got nothing.


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