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I'd do a poll but I think this is more complicated than a poll!

A bouncer at a local bar helpfully pointed out my driver's license was expiring on my next birthday (Brits - that's how it works in this state, it's every 5 or 10 years (I think) from birthday to birthday) and that they don't send out reminders anymore. The State doesn't remind anyone. It's the way they make money when you get pulled over and UH OH something has expired, that's a fuckload of money as a fine, please!

There is also the fact that the photo on the license is about 10 years old too. I'm pretty sure this time they will force me to take another (last time they let me keep the old photo. I believe that is also something the are enforcing now)

SO - that said - WTF do I do with my hair?? Right now it's longer than it has been in a while, and I'm tying it all up. In addition my last black dye job was quite a bit ago. The photos will be color.


- leave it as is, totally, and potentially NOT look like my photo soon afterwards?
- because I REALLY want to cut it all off, into my short bob, do I do that BEFORE the photo?
- do I cut it into the forward bob I like (A La Posh Spice but shorter)
- a different short haircut altogether? (Seriously I'm open to suggestions)

THAT said, cut or not to cut, what do I do about the color?

- Leave it the mouse brown with the grey hairs. It's natural, and I do look like this once in a while.
- dye it jet black, which is what I normally have it, and will potentially be the likely color for any id needed events
- go with the urge to dye it RED for the summer, which I JUST bought the dye for last night. Go with this BEFORE the pic, so I have red hair in the pic.

I'm thinking I"m going to get it cut, into a short bob, and not redye it until after the photo, and then do it red. It depends on money, which is why things have been growing out. But I'm HOT AS HELL and sick of the headaches from tying stuff back!

So gimme some opinions!

ETA - THE POINT IT IS MOOT! I went to look at prices and saw I could renew online. I went through the whole thing and the DMV let me renew online. So I guess I can keep the old piccie after all. Now I will have brand new ID before it expires. And I can DYE MY HAIR RED THIS WEEKEND! I might skip the cutting right now because I just SPENT IT on the renewal. Grrrrr.
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